Antigua Diaries

If you follow my Instagram and YouTube then you should know that recently I went to Antigua again for Christmas and New Year. I had an amazing time and possibly an even better trip than last years for my 21st!

I wanted to share some holiday snaps with you so get cosy, grab a tea or coffee and have a scroll.

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22 Goals for 2019

Hello everybody and Happy New Year! 2019! WOOO…

I have so many exciting things to coming up this year such as turning 22, Graduating and Starting work. Seeing as though I have just turned 22, I decided to set myself 22 goals that I want to achieve by the end of this year.

Goals are important to grow, achieve and succeed. They’re a target or a dream that you can set yourself as a challenge to achieve. As a very organised and ambitious person in everything that I do, I find goals so helpful.

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Festive Lush Haul

I love Lush all year around but especially in the winter time. I love nothing more than cosying up in a bubble bath with candles and my Ipad playing a show from Netflix. It’s my social and life detox time. 

I asked if you all wanted to see a Lush haul and you said yes. I only treated myself to two bath bombs to use up before going away. I am currently away in the Caribbean for Christmas but I still wanted a few festive baths before I join the heat.  I dragged my boyfriend Lee into Lush so I didn’t want to take too long looking around either. 

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£500 Boots Haul*

I’ve been meaning to do this blog post since about May but life has a habit of getting in the way. My life has been crazy busy recently since I finished University, went scuba diving for six weeks, got a new boyfriend and started applying for my dream jobs.

Disclaimer: Boots kindly sent me £500 worth of points to spend on treats so I didn’t purchase these items myself but I am under no obligation to post about any of these items. I am very grateful to Boots and loved spending the points on treats for myself. 

Without further ado, enjoy! This is a long blog post so get comfy, snuggle up and grab a hot drink!

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Christmas Gift Guide – For Him and Her – Under £100

Hello everybody,

How are you guys doing? I’m feeling very festive today writing this Christmas gift guide and looking for the perfect gifts for under £100. I do one of these every year and they’re one of my favourite blog posts to research and write up. Not only is this a great blog post to give you guys gift ideas but I usually send it to friends and family as hints for what I want. This year I’m lucky enough to have a boyfriend – it’s been a while due to focusing on my degree but I’m so excited – Lee if you’re reading this then HINT HINT.

Anyway, without any more ramblings here if my gift guide. I’ve done gift ideas for him and for her. This is in no particular order but all gifts are under £100. Christmas can get expensive but I’ve got your backs with the perfect yet affordable treats – maybe some of these will even make the perfect treat to yourself. It can’t just be me who buys myself Christmas gifts…?

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