New York Style Guide

Hey Guys,

In July 2018, one of my closest friends that I met at university moved to New York City. Leah and I lived together in my final year of university! She studies Fashion Design at Birmingham City university and her work is amazing! I’ll leave a link to her work HERE for those interested.

She basically entered a competition in which she would ‘win’ a six-month internship with a knitwear company in New York City – amazing right?! Leah was so lucky to win and as soon as I heard the amazing news I knew I couldn’t go six months without her and started planning a trip!

I’ve been to New York City twice. Both times it stole my heart and I was sad to be leaving. It truly is a city that never sleeps and it’s one that I love. The hustle and bustle is just so different to London, the accents are great, people friendly and food delicious!

I have vlogged the entire trip so check out my YouTube channel to see what I got up to. I was originally going to do a photo diary full of snaps that I took in New York, but I have so many photos and they are all locations that I vlogged. I decided to just do my style guide and a haul over on my blog instead. If you do want to see my snaps from New York City then please check out my Instagram @Laurenblogs or watch my vlog HERE

This blog post will include; my fashion looks, restaurant recommendations and must see picture locations. Make sure to check out my vlog for even more recommendations! I will link it HERE.

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Spanish Beauty Haul

Being the beauty obsessive that I am, whenever I go to a new country I love taking a peek at the different skincare and makeup bits on offer. Different countries have different products and styles that I love experimenting with and testing out. In a matter of weeks, I’ll be in New York browsing the American drug stores for their latest fall makeup and skincare launches. How exciting!

For now, though I’m on a little Spanish island called Menorca. I can’t believe that I’ve never purchased any Spanish makeup or skincare items… before now that is!

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Scroll free September…

Many of you won’t know this but like most people, I have struggled with mental health. I have suffered with anxiety since I was at secondary school and it’s only been recently that I’ve started to accept it and ask for help. Asking for help was one of the scariest things that I’ve ever done but it was definitely a step in the right direction and it’s something that I’m so glad I did.

My friends and family supported me the whole time and it’s so important to not be afraid to accept that you’re not perfect and ask for help. No one is perfect and mental health is not something to be afraid of!

In honour of sharing awarness for people who suffer with mental healthy I will be joining in in NHS’ scroll free September campaign. I will be taking a whole month off social media and I’m quite excited to see the difference that It could make to my mental healthy.

Scroll free September: “NHS endorses mental health campaign to get children to give up social media for one month”

I will see you guys in October!

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The next chapter of my life

Three years ago I was an anxious, less confident and shy person who could have never dreamed to be where I am now. I never thought I would go to university let alone get five offers and two unconditionals. Of course, everyone works hard to get to university but for me it’s been much more. It’s been a struggle of happiness, self-belief, passion and drive.

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