Hufflepuff starter kit (On a budget)

Muggles, Witches and Wizards! welcome to another blog post and todays one is very magical.

If you didn’t already know, I am a huge Harry Potter Fan. I’ve seen all the movies, read all the books and my wand is ready to cast some spells. Today’s post is aimed at the Hufflepuff’s out there although all Harry Potter fans will enjoy this blog post. You can easily gain inspiration from this blog post no matter what your house and swap out some bits for your own house/item of choice. These won’t be official items but great budget replicas.

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Book Haul

Hello everybody, since being in bed for the past three weeks, I decided to order some books to keep me entertained. My throat deciding to swell up and i had to go for an emergency hospital appointment. After a dose of antibiotics and a lot fo rest I am feeling so much better!

I asked if you all wanted to see a book haul over on Instagram and everybody said yes, please! Keep reading to find out what books I purchased and my thoughts on them!

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