The planet friendly beauty product that you NEED

Everyone knows the planet is dying and I’m sure that we are all doing what we can to help. I now use metal straws and reusable cups. I turn my lights off when unnecessary and I try to not waste water or food. Beauty products are finally catching up and using recyclable packing and products.

Love, Beauty, Planet are an economically friendly brand who I cannot recommend to you guys enough honestly.

First of all, the biodegradable and eco friendly packing is stunning and very aesthetically pleasing. You guys know I love everything pink right?!

This shower gel smells exactly like a beautiful rose garden. I am not normally one for rose but this is a delightful sweet rose scent with floral and musky hints in there too. This shower gel itself has; 85% biodegradable formula, natural murr muru butter, organic coconut oil, no sulfate cleansers, no parabens and colourant. Basically, it’s a great product!

As I said, the packaging is made from recycled products and recyclable itself. It also costs only £3.99 from Boots. It’s AMAZING!

Has anyone else tested out this range or brand? I love!

2 thoughts on “The planet friendly beauty product that you NEED

  1. This sounds like a really great product. I have been trying a lot lately to start being more conscious on what products I use to help the environment. I love the packaging of this brand and the products sounds amazing! X

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