Next – ‘Just Pink’ perfume review

Hello everybody, Spring is here which means it’s time to mix up your perfumes. Musk and Vanilla is out which means floral and sweet is in. Next offer a range of affordable perfumes and I’ve picked one up to test out.

Keep reading to find out my thoughts…

Recently, my Mum kindly treated me to a new perfume which is the perfect perfume for Spring and myself in general. It’s called Just Pink, it’s pink in colour and in a pink + rose gold pretty bottle. Could you get a more Lauren bottle of perfume? Nope!

This perfume from Next is so affordable at £8 for 30ml. This size is perfect for your handbag or beach bag. If you love all things pink like me then you will adore this sweet and floral perfume. ‘Just Pink‘ sums it up perfectly!

With hints of jasmine and patchouli, it’s a beautiful light and floral scent. There is an edge of musk in there too giving it an elegantly sexy scent. The perfume also includes Mandarin which has been highly prized throughout history and is loved for its joyful effect. Perfect!

This perfume costs £8 from Next which is so affordable. I would say it needs to be topped up a few times throughout the day. This bottle is a perfect handbag size so you can easily keep your scent topped up throughout the day! For £8 you can’t go wrong!

Has anyone else tried this perfume? What did you think?

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