Preparing my wardrobe ready for Spring

In today’s blog post, I will be preparing my wardrobe for spring. Goodbye dark heavy layers and hello to light neutral toned pieces. I’ll be giving you some top tips on how you can swap over your wardrobe too.

❤ Welcome to my wardrobe  ❤

This is the before when my wardrobe is full of dark-toned and layering pieces. My Autumn and Winter wear which I love but luckily, the weather is starting to get too warm and sunny for. This means it’s time to force my emo self to brighten up my style and vibes with the weather and new season.

My first tip is just to take everything out. Empty your wardrobe completely onto your bed and your floor. It may sound messy and it is but this is the best way to organise your clothes into, keep or put away. Any dark, heavy or layering pieces can be put away until the winter time for now.

I cleared out all of my pieces with the exception of loungewear which I wear around the house. Sweaters and jogging bottoms.

Next up, you want to sort out your clothes, shoes and handbags into two piles. Keep or put away until next Autumn/Winter. Bright and natural tones suited best for spring and dark toned pieces being for Autumn Winter. Of course, there can be a few exceptions to this such as the odd black handbag or shoes for an evening.

Okay, so everything is sorted out. You have your Spring items and your Winter items. Time to say goodbye to your winter pieces and find somewhere to store them. For me it was in some drawers under my bed.

Now it’s time to put you spring pieces back into your wardrobe and get organising their layout. I decided to put all of the small bags and big bags separate.

My clothes went in the order of; Coats, jumpers, shirts, T-shirts, crop tops, jeans, skirts and finally dress’ss, jumpsuits and playsuits. My shoes are in an organised storage solution from Ikea by my door.

Everything now looks so much brighter and more organised in my Wardrobe. I’m so excited to get wearing these pieces. Getting rid of my darker pieces encourages me to style myself appropriately with the season. My aim this year is to dress bolder and much more exciting.

Keep your eyes peeled on my Blog and YouTube for a spring look-book coming very soon. I’ll be showing you my favourite pieces in my wardrobe and how to style them.

I also filmed the process of getting my wardrobe ready for spring, you can checkout the video by clicking HERE.

I’m so excited for Spring and happy that my wardrobe is now organised appropriately too. I hope that you all enjoyed this blog post and it inspired you to get your wardrobe ready for spring too!

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