My first tattoos – Experience and Meanings

Hello Guys,

For quite a few years I’ve always wanted a tattoo. It’s taken me a while to figure out exactly what I want to permanently ink into my skin FOREVER. It’s quite a scary thought to invest in something permanently on your body especially as in life most things are not permanent or are easily reversible.

Of course, you can get laser treatment or a tattoo covered up if you don’t like it in a few years time but that’s not ideal.

I’ve always wanted my first tattoo/s to have a strong meaning to me and of course, your first tattoo DOES NOT have to have a meaning to you. It could just look pretty but for me personally the only way I would ever get a tattoo is if it means something to me.

For years during my childhood and teenage years, I struggled with self-confidence, self-love and fitting in. I never felt that I fit in for a long time.

My parents didn’t want me to get these tattoos let alone the rest of my family by any means but I am 21 years old and I wanted these tattoos to not symbolize the past but instead keep me positive for focused on heading towards the future. I was very careful choosing where to put these tattoos as I obviously want them on display but I also want to be able to cover them up for work if need be.

Anyway enough ramblings, here are my tattoos, tattoo experience and healing advice. I am no expert but here are my tips!

The night before:

I am feeling quite and nervous but also very excited to finally get my tattoos. My friend who is a tattoo artist will be doing my first tattoos so I know that she will look after me, make me feel comfortable and do an amazing job too. Her Instagram is @mollyoutattoo and her work is amazing!

Trust is definitely important when it comes to getting your first tattoo. You must like the artist and their work. If you don’t get a good vibe or like the artist go for someone you feel comfortable with. It’s your body, choice, and money.

The day:

I felt super nervous on the day of my tattoo because I didn’t know what to expect in terms of pain and I was apprehensive to see how the tattoo would turn out. Molly assured me it shouldn’t hurt too much and I knew she would give me the best quality tattoo. Here it goes…



I was expecting a scraping/digging pain on my skin but instead, it just felt like a sharp scratched similar to an injection but more constant. In more boney places eg under my ankle bone it was slightly more uncomfortable but it was never unbearable pain although my tattoos are SMALL.

When everyone says it will be less painful than you expect they are correct. Expect a sharp uncomfortable scratch but only a 3/10 for pain. I am the biggest baby when it comes to pain and if I can survive so can you. Don’t avoid a tattoo in fear of pain! If you want it bad enough you will grin and bear it for the end result.

I heard horror stories that the wrist and ankle are some of the most painful places to get tattooed but I was fine. It kind of felt like pins and needles to be honest. Everyone deals with pain differently but I was fine. The only time my tattoo was really uncomfortable was when it was under the wrap for a few hours after getting itchy.

When it came to cleaning them I just washed them gently twice a day with warm soapy water and then dried them with kitchen roll. After that I applied some Dream Cream from Lush to moisturize the skin – a little goes a long way as you don’t want to smother the tattoo.

My tattoos and meanings


The Wave:

The wave represents my struggle with anxiety as well as my love for the ocean and Scuba Diving. I have been scuba diving since I was 15 and struggled with anxiety since I was at secondary school.

This tattoo represents to me for every down there is an up and to take myself back to the ocean and the thought of scuba diving when I am feeling stressed or anxious. Water is my calm and happy place whether it’s swimming, scuba diving or simply taking a dip in the bath for a few hours. Water always has and will be important to my well being.


The heart:

My heart represents many things but the main positive messages are; Self-love, strength, and positivity. In the introduction, I talked about how I always struggled with self-love and fitting into the world. This tattoo will represent to me self-love, strength and always look for the positive in bad situations and negative thoughts. I don’t feel comfortable going too in detail about this tattoo but in short, that is the meaning behind it. Happiness!

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