My experience completing an internship + top tips

Hey everyone, this blog post is something slightly different but one that I though could be helpful. I know a lot of my followers are around my age or younger. Internships are a great way of gaining experience and possibly a job at the end. Whether you are a student or graduate they are fab!

Keep reading to find out my experience and top tips…

Today’s one is a helpful and informative blog post all about Internships. Top tips, advice and facts. This is all from my person experiences. If you have any top tips too then please share them in the comments!

It’s a long one so grab your cup of tea or coffee, a yummy snack, maybe a notebook to take notes and get comfy!

I recently completed a two month Internship with a luxurious London based company called Quintessentially. I loved it! I learned so much, gained some great experience and made some new friends!

So let’s start with how I achieved a place on my internship. That seems like a good place to start right?

They say it’s not what you know but who you know. Connections are definitely great to have. If you use LinkedIn (which is great), connect with everyone and anyone that interests you or has similar interest/career goals! Do not be afraid to put yourself out there and ask. Contact some companies or specific people and ask for experience. What have you got to lose?

I received my internship by luck and kindness as my neighbours sister had a spare placement and knew I was in need of some experience. It was very kind of them both and I’ll be forever grateful for them helping me out.

If you unfortunately don’t have any connections who can help you out then there are a few other options that I would recommend.

  • LinkedIn – There are always some great jobs and Internships advertised on the platform. There’s even an option to receive some career advice from professionals in your chosen industry.
  • Indeed – Indeed has a huge range of jobs and paid internships and available.
  • Give grad a go – This is perfect if you’re looking for a post-grad job or internship. It is aimed more specifically at graduates than current students. Bear that in mind, although it may still be helpful for a sandwich year or year placement.
  • Milkround – This is a great platform again for graduate jobs and paid internships. You can chose your specific sector and area. The site also offers tips on how to make a great CV, Improve your skills learn how to nail your interviews with some great top tips!
  • Telegraph jobs – This again has a specific section to help graduates gain experience and jobs! You can pick your sector, area and hours!

My Top Tips:

Time for some advice and tips regarding your internship.

  • Know your worth – yes experience of all kinds is great but know your worth. Do not work for any less than your expenses being paid for. I am pretty sure that this is a legal right now anyway?
  • Do your research – This should be kind of obvious but do your research. Know who you are working for, what their goals and ambitions are and what they deliver.
  • Give yourself personal goals – What do you want to gain from this internship? A job, experience to use a stepping stone, to learn something new?
  • Introduce yourself to everyone that you work with – Starting something new can be so scary but do not be afraid. Throw yourself in the deep end and get stuck in. Introduce yourself to everyone, offer them help and support where possible. The quicker you get stuck in and comfortable with your new environment the better!
  • Say Yes – To an extent of course but try your best to say yes to all opportunities. Lunches out with your colleagues, an event on the weekend, mundane tasks that are a stepping stone to bigger and better.
  • Be prepared to do some grunt work – Everyone has to start somewhere. I am sure that on your internship you will do some really fun and exciting things. It may also involve a few mundane tasks too though such as getting dry cleaning, coffee or office supplies.
  • Ask questions – Ask questions! The whole point of your internship is to learn and gain experience. You can’t do that without discovering new things. Even if you think they are silly which I promise you, they will not be, ask away!
  • Last but not least, HAVE FUN! – Internships are fun too! I got to attend a super fun work summer party, enjoy a free bar at four on Fridays and cuddles the super cute dogs who were allowed in the offices on Fridays.

Good luck with your degree, hunt for an internship or hunt for a job. I really do hope that this blog post helps some people! I really appreciated any advice pre, during and post university! Finding experience and a job can be so difficult in this competitive world. Keep working hard and do not ever give up!

Lots of love, Lauren! xo

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