I got to a try real life invisibility cloak?!

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new blog post. This one is for the witches and wizards out there who like me, love all things magical.

I was recently lucky enough to test out a real life invisibility cloak? When I found out about a real life invisibility cloak that I was asked to test out, I was SO EXCITED. I cannot even put it into words. I headed off to Kings Cross, Platform 9 3/4 after work where I would be trying on my very own invisibility cloak…

Harry Potter is a magical series that I have and will always love. I grew up reading the books, watching the films, and even have some related tattoos! I love the magical and unique story, the story of the brave and inspiration author behind it too. J.K Rowling has had such good from bad, that’s something that I too can relate too in my life.

I was recently asked to test out the real life invisibility cloak that is now available for all witches and wizards to purchase. As you can imagine, I instantly was super excited to head off to Kings Cross after my muggle day Job. What an exciting adventure!

I headed straight to platform 9 3/4 where I would be trying out my very own invisibility cloak… this could come in handy to scare some friends!

This cloak is an exact replica for the films. It looks very similar to the cloak that Harry receives one snowy Christmas eve from Hogwarts. The quality was very impressive too with a silk like outer design and fluffy fleecing on the inside. Very cosy to just lounge around in honestly!

The cloak is of course magical, but here’s an explanation for the muggles as to how it works. It is similar to a green screen but works via a free app. The inside of the cloak is a green fleecy material and that is the invisibility side. Simply flip the cloak around to that (green) side and watch as you disappear via the screen of the app. Amazing!

You can use the cloak anywhere you like, I wouldn’t suggest using it in wet places though as you wouldn’t want to ruin the beautifully made cloak.

I filmed the whole experience HERE. You can purchase the cloak from Platform 9 3/4 or any toy store. It costs £49.99 and it definitely worth treating yourself or your loved ones too. What Harry Potter fan wouldn’t want their own invisibility cloak?! I know I do!


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