Hufflepuff starter kit (On a budget)

Muggles, Witches and Wizards! welcome to another blog post and todays one is very magical.

If you didn’t already know, I am a huge Harry Potter Fan. I’ve seen all the movies, read all the books and my wand is ready to cast some spells. Today’s post is aimed at the Hufflepuff’s out there although all Harry Potter fans will enjoy this blog post. You can easily gain inspiration from this blog post no matter what your house and swap out some bits for your own house/item of choice. These won’t be official items but great budget replicas.

Welcome back to my blog and welcome to a new blog post. Today’s one involves all things Hogwarts and Hufflepuff. It’s going to be a very magical post so get cosy, grab a hot drink and be prepared to feel magical.

In this blog post I will include everything that any Harry Potter fans and Hufflepuffs need in their life. All on a budget with some items FREE!

*Although this is Hufflepuff inspired due to it being my very own house, you can swap out particular items for your house! The majority of these Items will not be official Harry Potter items but instead alternative dupes or inspired by items.


Without anymore ramblings, let’s get started!

So before you can attend Hogwarts you should probably have your acceptance letter ready, I already have mine. Keep reading to find out how you can get yours for FREE!

I’ve found a way for all of you to get your acceptance letter too – FOR FREE! How exciting… To receive your very own acceptance letter click the image below! This will take you to a link where you can personalise your very own free acceptance letter! Simply download and then print out!

Okay, so you have your letter and you’re getting so excited to attend Hogwarts! I know that I am. Next up on the to do list, make sure you have booked your train ticket for the Hogwarts Express.

You don’t want to turn up to Kings Cross on September the 1st without your ticket now do you! You can purchase a ticket from the link HERE. Once purchased online, an owl will make sure that it arrives before the term starts so don’t worry!

Finally, we are all set to attend Hogwarts. This is going to be the most exciting time of your magical life. It’s now time to start packing and buying things off your equitment lisy!

First up, Uniform! You can get some cute Hufflepuff merch without spending a fortune. Below I’ve linked some of my favourite pieces, to purchase simply click on the image!

Images not owned by me will be marked with a *

I’ve linked a similar and in my opinion Better jumper as this is no longer sold 🙂
This is official Harry Potter and was purchased from Primark !
Quite cute and fashionable. Affordable too!
Probably not the best quality but for picture purposes it’s perfect! Best dupe I could find!
Looks cosy enough? Should keep you warm in the cold winters at Hogwarts!
Students must be smart and dressed appropriately at all times…

Next up your school bag along with your school essentials. You don’t want to turn up to Hogwarts without all of your books and reading material.

Speaking of reading material, I made my very own daily prophet. You can download some of the pages and make your own print out copy by following my Daily Prophet Pinterest board. Click HERE.

Don’t forget your books too! I have my magical spells book and notebook ready to learn some new magical spells and information. Click HERE to buy the notebook and HERE to buy your spells book.

Not an essential but you may also want some coins so that you can treat yourself to some snacks and treats on the train to Hogwarts. I got mine from eBay and although they are not amazing quality, for photos they are perfect and affordable at £2! They came with this cute bag too!

Last but not least is in my opinion, the most exciting purchase and necessity. Have you guessed what it is yet? A WAND! Remember that your wand chooses you so make sure that you complete the Pottermore quiz in order to find out your perfect wand.

Saving money, I found the perfect affordable wand replica on Ebay. Not only is it affordable but it’s also pretty good quality. It’s handmade in the UK which I was very pleased to hear about.

Simply click the picture to go ahead and purchase your wand!

Not as amazing quality as the real replica but I was pleasantly impressed. Not bad…

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