How blogging helped my confidence

Hi Guys,

I’m writing this blog post at 2:48am when I should be sleeping but can’t. The best ideas for blog posts and well – ideas in general always come at the weirdest times I suppose!

Ever since I was little I have always struggled with my confidence. There’s a few reasons why and the main ones are; Bullying, being put down, rejected and outcast. School can be such a damaging place mentally but it can also be a rewarding place depending on what card you get dealt I suppose. Unfortunately I was dealt the first card.

I remember being called all the names under the sun from ugly, to nasty but I don’t look back on the bullying and nasty comments negatively – instead I look at them as a positive which has now made me stronger as a person and more thirsty to succeed and love myself.

I’ve been blogging for almost five years now. It’s something I love doing as a hobby alongside everyday life. Wether I’m writing about the latest moisturiser I’m trying or the latest fashion it’s always something I enjoy!

“Blogging has really helped me grow, make friends and most importantly love myself”

Taking outfit pictures in public places started off terrifying me – people are looking at you. You’re trying to pose without being too posey all the while worrying the most important thing. What will your readers and possibly haters think?! Will they like me and my style?

I’m not afraid of taking pictures regardless of the location now. Not because it’s a competitive place and so many other beautiful girls today do the same thing but instead because I DO feel comfortable in my body.

I am me and I will never be anyone else. I have stretch masks on my bum, my stomach isn’t as thin as maybe I would like it to be, my teeth aren’t perfect. That’s okay! If we were all the same life would be boring and if people judge you, frown upon you or comment on YOU then that’s their problem and their jealousy!

Photo shoots on the street, brands wanting ME to represent their products and lovey comments from all of you is what has helped me to love my body and feel confident in myself! My friends also help with the compliments and liking my selfies of course!

I’ve learned to love and accept myself thanks to blogging.

Did you guys enjoy this open letter style blog post?! These are just some views and opinions that I felt the need to share with you, in the hope that maybe my views and opinions can help those of you struggling with self-confidence!

See you soon,

Lauren, XO

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