Festive Lush Haul

I love Lush all year around but especially in the winter time. I love nothing more than cosying up in a bubble bath with candles and my Ipad playing a show from Netflix. It’s my social and life detox time. 

I asked if you all wanted to see a Lush haul and you said yes. I only treated myself to two bath bombs to use up before going away. I am currently away in the Caribbean for Christmas but I still wanted a few festive baths before I join the heat.  I dragged my boyfriend Lee into Lush so I didn’t want to take too long looking around either. 

I  treated myself to the ‘Star Light Star Bright’ bath melt and the ‘Cheery Christmas’. These both appealed to me, a pink snowflake and a silver star. I asked Lee to kindly put the silver star in the bag for me and he realised that he had made a big mistake when he had a shimmery hand. Sorry, Lee! 

Firstly, I purchased the ‘Cheery Christmas‘ bath bomb.

 This appealed to me mostly because It was pink I won’t lie. It’s scented with notes of Lemon and Cherry which also appealed to me. It’s aim is to target dry winter skin by including essentials oils. 

The bath bomb turns your bath Pink and blue and eventually purple when they combine with glittery shimmer on the surface. My skin felt silky smooth and not too shimmery after use. 

It cost me £5.95 which I felt was quite a lot for a bath bomb but it was a treat and I loved it. I would say it is worth the money, all of Lush’s bath bombs are vegan and handmade! 

So worth it for a pink glittery bath! Right?!

Next up, I purchased myself the Star Light Star Bright bath melt

You are supposed to crush this under running water into your bath and enjoy a luxuriously moisturising, calming turquoise bath. With notes of coconut and lavender, it’s the perfect winter rescue for dry skin. 

This cost me £4.95 which I thought was a good price and good value. It had two uses and maybe even three if I had used a bit less. My dry skin and sore post-gig body sure did need this. It was perfect after seeing You Me At Six play take off your colours in full for the last time – ‘sad face’! 🙁

I really hope that you guys enjoyed this blog post. I love Lush’s natural, handmade and vegan products so I will always be an advocate for their products. 

See you all soon for another blog post!

Lots of love, Lauren xo

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