Better Than Sex Mascara DUPE?!

Better than sex is a rather big claim but then, I suppose it depends on the sex ;)…The ‘better than sex’ mascara from Two-Faced is one of my all-time favourite mascaras alongside the bad gal band from Benefit.

I was browsing Primarks beauty section the other day and I came upon a suspiciously similar looking mascara called the ‘False lash queen’ mascara. I think it may be the best high street dupe that I’ve found!

I haven’t kept the original packaging from the Better Than Sex mascara from Two Faced but for those of you who know the actual packaging looks very similar to this one from Primark.

The product itself is also very similar in its pink metallic packaging. The original Two Faced packaging is a much nicer matte pale pink whereas the primarks packaging is a much more in your face shiny pink look.

The Two Faced mascara can be purchased from Debenhams for £19 and this Primark mascara cost me just £3. Is it worth investing or saving though?

The wands themselves look very similar as they are both thick and voluminous. Two Faced wands has a slight dip inwards towards the middle of the brush unlike Primarks version. Both look good however!

The mascara comparison. Both I was very pleased with however I have to say, The Primark one was more lengthening and the Two Faced one was voluminous.

Looking at the above pictures they do look very similar and no one seemed to notice that I wore two very different mascaras for a day. They both stayed on, didn’t smudge and came off easily at the end of the day.

I asked on Instagram which mascara everyone thought was high end and which was Primark. The results can be seen below!

I was shocked to see that everyone believed the Primark mascara to be the high-end one! The Two-Faced mascara is definitely more clumpy but that’s a look that I personally like. Which mascara do you prefer?

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