Autumn/Winter pamper routine

Hi Guys,

I haven’t done a routine blog post before and seeing as Autumn is my favourite time to get cosy and motivated I thought that I would share with you my Sunday routine.

This routine helps me to get prepared for the week ahead and enjoy some cosy pampering too!


Time for some pampering: I like to start off my Sunday by having a bubble bath and taking some time to pamper my skin, body and mind. A bubble bath really helps me with this as I like to lay in the bath with a face mask, book and soothing scents.

Bath time is the time where I like to reflect on this week positives and negatives, detox my skin and prepare my body and mind for the week ahead.

Skincare: When it comes to my skincare in Autumn/Winter I like to use a lot of moisturising products. At the moment I’m loving the Moisture Bomb moisturiser from Garnier alongside with a lip balm from The Body Shop!

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Early Night: Before bed, I like to apply some essentials. This includes lip balm, hand cream and a pillow spray. Recently I’m loving The Body Shop’s NEW Pumpkin Spiced Lattee. It’s the perfect deep nourishing and spicy smelling hand cream!

Lip balm is another key essential for me in winter as my skin dries out so much at this time of year sadly! EOS lip balms are a great one to keep your lips soft and plump!

Time for bed: I am always a granny when it comes to my sleep. I like going to bed early and getting as much sleep as I can. I am definitely not a night owl and I especially enjoy an early night on Sunday to make sure that I am ready for the week ahead.

See you next Sunday for a new blog post. 

– Lauren, XO

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