A trip to Peggy Porschen

Recently I took a long overdue trip to Peggy Porschen. This is a cafe that I’ve wanted to visit ever since I started my blog. I am not kidding – so almost five years now! I just haven’t managed to fit it in!

I finally made it so I thought that I would share some pictures, tell you my thoughts on it and see if it’s worth the trip. It is a very popular place amongst Bloggers especially due to its picturesque setup.

Is Peggy Porschen worth the hype, are the cakes as yummy as they look and is it worth a trip? I’ll be telling you the answers and my thoughts on Peggy Porschen in todays blog post!

Grab a tea or coffee, get cosy and enjoy!

I arrived at Peggy around three o’clock on a Tuesday – Perfect timing for afternoon tea. A very stern man continuously told customers to que by the pink rope and kept coming out of the door ruining photos. You would think the staff would be briefed on A, being polite and B, to be aware of photos.

I can understand that he was just trying to get organised and get people seated as soon as possible but at times his tone came across as very impolite. I waited around 15 minutes for a table and once inside the waitresses were very kind and accommodating.

Once inside, sat at the aesthetically pleasing marble table on a pale pink chair we were handed the menu. Even the menu was adorable and had a large selection of teas, coffees, juices, smoothies, cakes and more. They even offered (PINK) champagne on the menu!

How decadent would that of been!

I was looking at the menu, deciding what would look cute for some Instagrams as well of course as what sounded delicious and to my taste.

I ended up choosing a Cappuccino with soya milk (£3.60) and the ‘Valentines day special’ cupcake which cost me £7.80! Probably the most expensive cupcake that I have ever treated myself to.

I went to Peggy with Bryony too who ordered; a Red Velvet cupcake which was £5.60 and a cup of tea which cost her £3.50. She went for a normal cupcake and even that was overpriced although delicious!

How cute that my cappuccino came with a poodle on it, and just look at the ‘Valentines day special‘ cupcake! I wish I had gotten a pink cup and plate though but never mind!

The coffee was delicious and strong and the cupcake was also delicious. The chocolate cake wasn’t too dry and the icing did indeed taste of raspberry. I split my sugar paper heart with Bryony because that’s what friends do right?! We share ♥

I did struggle to eat the cupcake however so I ended up taking half home for the next day, I just wanted to enjoy it longer and get a cute bag for Instagram…

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to Peggy Porschen. I had a lovely little afternoon tea date and catch-up with Bryony, got some great Instagrams and enjoyed a delicious cake.

I would highly recommend visiting but bear in mind that it is a little overpriced but in my opinion for a good reason! I would defiantly pop back with my Mum for a nice little day out and enjoy some more cake!

Check out my vlog from the day HERE

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