Where have I been? // Life Update + Photos //

Hopefully, you would have noticed that there has been a lack of blog posts and online activity for the past month. I decided to take September off social media for two reasons. Keep reading to find out what those reasons were and what I’ve been up to…

The first reason was explained in my last blog post but in case you missed it – NHS were running a campaign during September in a bid to raise awareness for mental health. The campaign encouraged young people to take on the challenge of coming off social media for one whole month. This means no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or web surfing.

I was quite excited to try having one month off social media but also very apprehensive. I have previously had social media breaks but only for a matter of weeks. Instagram is not only something that I love and get inspiration from but also somewhere that I use to promote myself and my blog. Would I lose followers, would I lose friends, would I find myself logging in before the month is over because curiosity and lack of inspiration would get the best of me?

The second reason was that I’ve just finished a very intense two-year degree. I finished my course at the end of August and quite honestly, I’m burned out after that. Physically and emotionally I am so tired and needed a break to relax, catch up with friends, hang out with my family and reinspire myself. I gave my dissertation all of my time and energy.

My sleep pattern was definitely ruined afterward with me staying up till the early hours of the morning and still waking up at a reasonable time to fit lots of work and typing in a day. Shout out to Boston Tea Party in Birmingham for fuelling my caffeine addiction and letting me sit in their cozy coffee shop whilst working hard.

– If anyone wants a foodie blog post about Birmingham let me know? 

Another reason was that for the past five weeks I’ve been in Menorca with my parent’s scuba diving, relaxing, sunbathing and catching up with my friends here. I wanted to enjoy that and give myself and my mind a rest from every day life’s stress.

I missed my second family – Salgar Diving <3 

I actually ended up doing social media for Salgar Diving … I posted one post and Instagram story a day and will continue to do so for two more weeks. It’s something that I was more than happy to help them with as I now have a degree in social media. Other than posting for Salgar diving daily how did my social media detox go you may be wondering?

On September the first I officially logged out of my Instagram and Twitter accounts. I vowed to not go on WordPress to check stats, write blog posts or install any updated features. I would have a complete break from my blog and everything related. The only social media that I used was Facebook to update family and keep in touch with my friends here in Menorca.

For the first two weeks, I missed it. I wondered what comments, likes and followers was receiving whilst I was away. I wondered if people were unfollowing me because I wasn’t active and I was wondering what my friends were up to. I did miss social media but honestly, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had much time to be on my phone and miss social media. I feel refreshed mentally and full of inspiration for my return to Instagram. I realized just how addicted I am to my phone and social media too.

Social media can be such a ‘perfect’ illusion of life. Pictures are always perfect with breakfast in bed in silk pajamas, rose petals scattered and balloons. Girls are so much prettier and more perfect than you are, their pictures are goals and yours are average. Social media is also an easy place for people to hide behind a screen and pick apart peoples looks and lives with nasty comments.

I missed social media. I missed the positive community, inspiration, pretty pictures, stunning aesthetics and seeing what my friends got up to, purchased and loved recently. I did, however, enjoy the break, mental refresh and living in the moment much more.

Would you ever consider a social media break or maybe you took part inNHS’S campaign this September? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and we can chat about it! 

Below I’ll include some pictures showing you guys what I’ve been up to. You haven’t missed much as most days were spent scuba diving, sunbathing, exploring or catching up with friends over a few drinks.

l” src=”http://laurenwritesbeauty.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/41262346_915498638645346_7396636817102995456_n.jpg” alt=”” width=”960″ height=”720″ /> Lauren or Jedward? No one knows…[/caption]

A real-life Octopus!

[caption id="attachment_1219" align="aligncenter" width="639"] This stunning dress is from ASOS. Less than £50!

/laurenwritesbeauty.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/42460094_923735364488340_4151791133803937792_n.jpg” alt=”” width=”665″ height=”960″ /> I love Amaretto…[/caption]

With all the scuba diving I gained some fitness and body confidence too… 

I discovered that Lorens is an amazing chef as well as a pro scuba diver… 

Life has been a Beach…

I’ve mostly been turning into a mermaid spending my days and nights under the water exploring caves – ‘My Happy Place’

I’m so excited to be back with fresh new content. I’m so full of inspiration and fresh new ideas for my social channels and blog. I was thinking about changing my blog’s name for 2019… Watch this space

See you soon for my next blog post which will be an Autumn wish list.

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