What’s on my Iphone 5S

Hey guys!

How are you all doing? I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend with your families eating all of the chocolate.

This week I will be showing you what apps are on my Iphone 5S.

I will also be recommending some highly fun and addictive apps that you NEED to download and play.

Let’s get started:


This is my Iphone 5S which is almost two years old. I got my wallpaper from google. I’ve had it for a while now.


This is the home screen of my Iphone 5S where I have a marble wallpaper that I got from Google Images.

Here I have the following apps and folders in order; Facetime, Camera, Photos, Videos, calendar, App store, Itunes store, Junk Apps (unnecessary or unused apps which you get with the iphone), Work Apps, Picture editing or effect apps, settings and Idrated.

Work Apps:


These are apps that are either related to my college work or my blog posts. I put all apps together in an organised file so that they’re easy to find.

  • The first App is Google Classroom which my college use as a basis for uploading, submitting and grading work.
  • My second App is Google Drive which I use to backup my college documents and blog post pictures.
  • My third app is REFME which basically harvard references a range of links. This is great for college and university essays. I don’t have time to reference links for hours whereas with this I just copy and paste.
  • My fourth App is Rocksound Magazine’s app and the reason I have this is so that I can keep a digital copy of the feature that I was in. I interviewed a band and had a three page article.
  • My fifth app is the WordPress App which I use to check up on my blogs stats and reply to all of your comments.
  • My sixth App is Buffer which I use to schedule tweets. I schedule tweets for when blog posts go live typically.

Photo Editing Apps


  • My first App is Picfx which is a great app to add solar flares.
  • My second app is VSCO Cam which I’m sure you’ve heard every blogger talk about but this App is great to editing pictures. I usually use it to adjust brightness and clarity of my pictures for Instagram.
  • My third App is Layout which I use to collage pictures for Instagram mostly.
  • My fourth app is PHHHOTO which I use to make cool gifs.
  • My fifth App is Dubmash which is used to put different voices over your own meaning that you could have the voice of Spongebob, Simon Cowell or Kendall Jenner. I love this App, It’s great fun!
  • My final App is PhotoBooth which is as It says. It’s a photoBooth where you can get a strip of photos on your IPhone and it’s great fun to do with your bestie.

Second Page Apps:


The apps are on my second page are as follows;

FYI: My Social Media’s are all linked on my blog’s homepage. 


WARNING: The following games are highly addictive… 


IMG_5802 IMG_5804  IMG_5805

  • Episode – I use this to read a really good Demi Lovato Interactive story!
  • LINE PLAY – A super cute Anime style online interior and character design game.
  • Neko Atsume – A cute Japanese style cat collector game for the inner cat obsessive in me.
  • Blossom Blast – This is basically the flower version of Candy Crush and I’m 100% addicted. It’s a fun game to play on the go.
  • Disney CR – Crossy road but disney version!! This game is again highly addictive and very fun to keep beating your own high score.
  • Dumb Ways 2 Die – Another addictive game. This game is very silly, fun and frustrating.
  • BitStrips – This is cute to make personalised cartoon strips. Me and my best friend Will have a good laugh with this app.
  • QuizUp – Just a fun quiz app which you can play with your friends
  • Draw Something – This game is fun. I play it again with my best friend Will where you draw an object and the other person has to guess what you have drawn.

– I hope you enjoyed seeing what’s on my Iphone 5S and what my favourite Apps are.

Let me know what your favourite Apps are in the comment section below?

 I will see you next Sunday for a new blog post!

Lauren, XO

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