What’s in my shower?!

Hello everybody, I’m throwing it back today and doing a what’s in my shower. I thought that this could be a fun way of showing you all what beauty bits I’ve been loving lately.

Keep reading to find out what is in my shower!

Or should I say, welcome to my shower! I am lucky enough to have my own en-suite attached to my bedroom. I love my bathroom and the luxurious rain shower.

I try to keep my bathroom and to be honest all of my living spaces very clean, tidy and neat, A tidy space is a tidy mind after all and being a Capricorn I am a very organised person.

So let’s get into this, a shower tour!

Above, you can see my shower caddy. This is where I store all of my products as they’re easy to reach and grab. I will talk about the top shelf down and give a little review of the products too!

First up is two huge bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I got these from B&M for £3.99 each which I think is very affordable!

I love these because the shampoo puts all the good nutrients and restorative benefits back into your hair that heat takes away. The conditioner is good too because it really does detangle my hair. This is apparently a new’ range from Lòreal.

Lòreal is a brand that I trust for their quality and affordability. Whether it’s their haircare or makeup – they are a brand that I adore.

Next up is some shower gel and a body scrub. I am not too fussy with shower gel as I’ve said before. If it smells nice then I’m happy but this shower gel stood out to me due to its beautiful packaging I won’t lie.

Radox aren’t a brand that I don’t tend to go for. I am usually a Soap and Glory girl when it comes to body care. This sounded nice because it promises a long-lasting floral and fruity fragrance. With notes of peony and lychee, this shower gel smells beautiful.

I got this from Boots and it cost me £2.99. It has lasted a long time as well because it a little goes a long way with this!

As for my scrub, if you saw my £500 Boots haul then you may recognise this. This is a luxurious salt scrub that I treated myself to. It’s from the brand Champneys who are an affordable spa range available only form Boots. This cost me £10 which is so good for such a huge tub. This scub actually sticks to your skin and is the perfect pre-shave essential.

Next up in my shower caddy is my face products. I wash my face every day in the shower and exfoliate with this exfoliating soap once a week.

This Vitamin E face wash was from The Body Shop and it cost me £8. I personally think this is quite pricey and it isn’t my favourite. First of all the scent is very strange and secondly, the texture is almost like a cream which doesn’t bubble up or leave my skin feeling particularly clean or moisturised. I will use it up but won’t be repurchasing it.

As for the exfoliating soap, this was purchased from a little store in Menorca. I love it so much and once it’s been used up you are left with a sponge that you can reuse with your favourite face wash.

Next up, I have these hooks where I store my shower gel puff, some hairbands and a foot exfoliator. I know some people dislike these but I change mine regularly and love the way it foams up any shower gels making showering quick, easy and fast!

Last but not least in my shower, I have this little shower speaker that I got off Amazon. It cost me around £19.99 and it’s surprisingly good quality! These seem to be really popular now with much prettier designs out there. I love listening to music 24/7 so this waterproof speaker is fab. I love me some shower singing.

Fun fact: You can also accept calls whilst in the shower using this speaker. Not something I tend to do but the option is there…

I really hope you all enjoyed having a peek into my shower.

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