The contraceptive pill that you can get online?

Doctors always say to never buy any pills offline, but what if in the modern age that we live in, Doctors are moving online now to avoid embarrassing face to face conversations or discussions?

Superdrug now offer a service where you can buy your contraceptive pill online. Keep reading to find out more!

Superdrug now offer a service where you can purchase your contraceptive pill online. It is approved by a real Doctor and delivered straight to your door. Is it too good to be true though? Are the pills real? Can it be trusted?!

I tested it out so you didn’t have to. Dangerous maybe but Superdrug is and should be a trusted brand. I didn’t have time to book a Doctors appointment during my internship so I took the risk and ordered my contraceptive pill!

I remember my first conversation with my Doctor when I wanted to go on the pill. I had awful and excruciating pains every month so I decided to go discuss it with my doctor. I had heard that the pill was a good relief for this. I had also been seeing my first boyfriend for around 4 months at this point and decided that I was ready to, you know, move our relationship to the next level for the first ever time in my life…

At the age of 16 I popped into my surgery with my Mum to discuss some options. I found it quite nerve-wracking speaking to my male family doctor about going onto the pill. It’s quite a big deal and commitment. He was very firm in making sure that I was both ready and knew that how the pill should be taken correctly.

There are so many different contraceptive pills out there and different ones work for different people. I have tried in the past; Gedarel and Rigevidon. Both of which I personally didn’t get along with. They both gave me terrible mood swings and migraines.

My poor parents and past boyfriends putting up with me… what a nightmare and pain that I shouldn’t have to put myself through.

Time to test out a different option I think!

Finally, when looking on Superdrug, I ordered the same contraceptive pill that my Mum used to take when she was my age. She apparently got on well with it and as I am her daughter, I thought that I would give it a go.

Like mother like daughter, I have found the pill that works for me. No migraines, big mood swings, depression, anxiety. I am myself whilst still being on the Pill protected and without awful monthly cramps! I do still get them but nowhere near as agonising!

If you’re thinking about going on the pill and scared to talk or embarrassed to a Doctor then that’s totally fine. The Superdrug online doctor service is anonymous and a real doctor approves your pill before sending it to your doorstep. You simply answer a few questions on a survey before they approve your pill of choice.

There are a range of pills and price options to choice from. If you do go to your doctor it’s free whereas Superdrug charge as it’s done privately. Some pills are more affordable than others and it’s kind of a trial and error process to see what Pill works for you.

The pill is super tiny and easy to swallow so don’t worry about that. Wether you are good at swallowing pills or not, this is easy. The most important thing is to take it as the instructions say and do not forget a day!

One thing to note as well is that the Superdrug online service also offer the morning after pill. To save embarrassment you can purchase it online and it will arrive that same day or first thing the next day if not possible.

The also offer medication for STI’s, STI test kits, Hormonal replacement therapy and so much more. Men’s health too! Not just women!

Has anyone else tried the Superdrug online doctor service? I would highly recommend it. The doctors are lovely and the service is quick, easy and embarrassment/judgment free!

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