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Hi Guys,

Recently the Unibox got in touch with me and offered me their exam survival box. I was very intrigued as to what the uni box is. There are so many different subscription box’s out there for fashion, beauty, food etc but there are none in the market for students by students?

I thought that this box sounded great and like something that I would be interested so I purchased the Uni Box from their website and eagerly awaited the arrival of it!

PSthis box would make the perfect gift for university students – hint hint family!

Here is some information on what the Unibox is and how it works first of all;

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 14.27.45

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 14.28.10Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 14.27.31

– Above pictures belong to the uni box website 

You can pay monthly, prepay three months or prepay 6 months. I am personally on the monthly subscription but you can choose whichever one you like.

The exam survival Box: 


The first thing that I saw when I opened the box was a quote that says “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” I love this motivating quote to help you get by during exam season. There was also a magazine with some exam tips and brain-boosting recipes.


“Just get on with it notepad – I love this notepad. I’m 100% a stationary nerd so I can’t wait to have this on my desk and use it to jot down my to-do lists!


“Seba Med cleansing bar”  – I am yet to try this but I can’t wait. It’s a facial soap which aims at getting rid of pimples, blackheads and skin impurities. Perfect for those pesky stress-related skin problems that can occur around exam time!


Space Masks Intersetlla Relaxion Eye Mask – I am yet to try this face mask but I can’t wait to try it! The idea of a relaxing eye mask sounds get to me as recently I haven’t been sleeping as well as I would like to so I’m excited to try these masks out!


Conscious water capsules – I’ve never tried any kind of natural supplements or water treatments so I’m excited to try these natural energy and mind boosting capsules!

IMG_3163‘Virtue sparkling energy water in the flavour lemon and lime’ – I’m excited to try this energy water. It sounds delicious – especially since it is 0 calories with no sugar, sweeteners or preservatives. IMG_3164

Nim’s pineapple crisps – I’ve previously tried dried apple crisps and vegetable crisps and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them so I’m excited to try these tropical pineapple crisps. IMG_3166

Nature creative salted caramel bar – This sounds like a delicious snack that I can’t wait to have mid-study break with a coffee. I love flapjacks and especially when they’re packed with protein seeing as I’m a vegetarian. IMG_3165

‘Rawcha cacoa and goji bar’ – This sounds yummy. I’ve previously tried cacoa & goji related food items and enjoyed them so this should be delicious! IMG_3169

Rescue plus throat sweets in the flavour orange and elderflower‘ – Next time I’m ill I can’t wait to try these. Throat sweets always seem to taste gross but orange and elderflower sound quite delicious. Hopefully, I won’t be using these until winter time!

How much does the uni box cost?

One month – £24.99 + P&P

Three month – £23.98 + P&P

Six month – £22.50 + P&P

Where can I subscribe?

You can subscribe to the uni box via their website – >

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