Simple ~ *NEW* Brightening range review

Hello everybody and welcome back to a new blog post! Today I’ll be telling you my thoughts on Simples new brightening range. I tested out their new brightening gel eye and face masks. Treat yo self…

Today’s post is all about Simples new brightening range. I was browsing Boots and spotted these pretty, new and exciting products from Simple! This is the radiance-boosting sheet mask and brightening under eye gel masks.

Starting off with the gel eye masks. I haven’t really tested out too many gel under eye masks. I do struggle with dark bags, maybe it’s genes or lack of sleep? Or both who knows but I was excited to test this out and see if it would work wonders. Concealer only covers so much…

These masks are a very light gel consistency. Under the eyes they felt so light, moisturising and soothing. I imagine these cold would feel amazing!

I personally did notice and difference and could see my under eyes looking drastically brighter and also less puffy.

You can buy these from Boots or Superdrug for £3.50. Click HERE!

Next up is the sheet mask from Boots. What a great look sheet masks are…

My first complaint which I find with many sheet masks is that they are too big. My little face never seems to fit them properly so I normally get rid of the nose and upper lip part.

This mask was soaked in liquid which is great. My face felt very moisturised and soft after without a sticky or tacky feeling. It was very gentle to my skin as all of simples products are. There was no overpowering scent and I think that for £2.99 you can’t go wrong!

You can click HERE to purchase the mask online.

Has anyone else tested out this new range? What did you think?

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