Sighh Designs Haul & Review

Hi Guys,

If you love cute stationary then you are going to love this blog post….

Recently I went stationary shopping on Sighh Designs website and found quite a few bits that I defiantly didn’t need but wanted in my life! How cute are these designs and the ideas behind them are?! I just love cute stationary and quotes to keep me motivated

Here are my Purchases along with a review; This is my first review, I am doing my best!

(PS Polly Illustrates and designs everything on the site herself, wonderful and talented woman or what?!)

“Okay let’s blog some sh*t”


I just love this notebook, it’s a very sturdy notebook with lots of room for writing on the paper which by the way is a brilliantly thick quality and it’s lovely to write on unlike some notebooks with very thin and scratchy paper.There is a lot of paper in this notebook also meaning that this will take me a while to get through and yes, you guessed it!

I use it for planning my blog posts and jotting down ideas, how original of me!

Polly does three other notebooks that are similar show here, here and here!

“Work stickers”


Aren’t these stickers fab? They’re very good quality stickers that will stick to anything!

At the moment my stickers are in my new DIY notebook and on my laptop to keep me motivated to make it to university with a good grade. I just love all of the relevant and motivating quotes/words!

“Exam season temporary tattoos”


I do love these temporary tattoos, They were great towards the end of the school year to keep me motivated with my final major project which is 70% of my final grade!

The tattoos lasted a good 4 days before I rubbed the tattoo off myself due to some of the letter rubbing off a little. I would defiantly recommend them for exam season or just everyday school! They last very well but be careful when they are being applied as mine slipped around a little bit.

“Daily desk plan”

image copy

I have only just recently got this day planner and it’s fab. In fact i got it 12 days ago and I can’t wait to use it when i start back at college on the 4th of September!

I just love how much room there is for information and the fact that you are rewarded with a doodle break. (Great idea? YES) I personally think this desk planner is such a fab idea and i know that i will get lots of use from it! Both the paper and print is good quality and the day planner came very quickly!!

Top notch service and quality Polly! I couldn’t recommend Sighh Designs enough?!!

What I will be ordering next;

Design_reflections Donut

student_food_shop budget_square


(Picture Credit belongs to Sighh Designs and this blog post is NOT sponsored sadly! ;), all thoughts and opinions are my own!) 

Check back next week for a new blog post!

-Lauren, XO

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