Sephora Haul

Sephora is one of my all time favourite beauty shops although I think I like it more knowing that it’s something special and restricted that isn’t available in the UK.

Recently I went to Portugal as you would have seen if you follow my social media and luckily for me they had a Sephora a 2 minute walk away from our air B ‘n’ B so as you can imagine I brought quite a few things…


What did I buy;

Masks; – I’ve always wanted to try them as I’ve heard some great things about Sephora face masks. I brought the Avocado mask, Lotus mask, Green Tea mask and the Algae Mask. I also purchased the lip mask and a nose pore strip. I am yet to try any of these products out yet so I can’t provide a review but I’m so excited to try them!

Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara; –  I’ve heard some great things about this mascara and I know I’m a little late to the bandwagon but I’ve had too many mascaras to justify buying a new one but before my trip to Portugal I used up a mascara so I decided I could justify buying a new one. I love this mascara and I can see why everyone got so excited over this face mascara. It gives your lashes so much volume and length without being clumpy.

Sephora Eyelash Curlers; – The day before we arrived in Lisbon my eyelash curlers that I’ve had for many years from Primark sadly broke which was actually perfect timing so I brought some eyelash curlers from Sephora and of course I got the bright pink ones. These do a good job of curled your eyelashes whilst being very gentle.

Mini’s aisle EG the most dangerous section of Sephora; – I always fall into the trap of the mini’s aisle and end up buying smaller versions of products I can’t justify spending on the full-size ones and/or holiday gifts to myself.

The first thing that I purchased from the mini’s aisle, I brought myself the multi-tasking brush. I decided that this would be good for foundation and powder on holiday and it’s a small brush so it saves room. The brush also comes with a plastic contain to save it from getting grubby – genius!

The next thing I brought from the mini isle was Sephora’s lotus sleeping mask as I have an 8-hour flight to Antigua in December so I thought that this mask would be perfect for the flight! I always make sure to look after my skincare on a long haul flight!

The final thing I brought from the dangerous mini aisle was a pack of ribbon hairbands.

I brought so many minis I also got a Sephora free liquids bag – Oops… 😉

What are your favourite bits from Sephora? Would do I need to buy next time I go?

See you next Sunday at 6 pm

– Lauren, XO 

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