Roxi X Revolution Eyeshadow pallet review!

Laurenwritesbeauty sure does love her beauty products. Today post is about my new favourite eyeshadow pallet, the best bit? It’s only £10!

This year my goal was to be bolder with my makeup and fashion choices. This pallet is helping me to succeed my goal seeing as it’s called the ‘Colour Burst’ pallet. I have never worn bolder eye looks…

Today’s blog post is all about my new fave eyeshadow pallet from a fellow Blogger and YouTuber. This is the Colour Burst pallet by Roxi.

This pallet has encouraged me to be bolder with my makeup looks. I would of never used colours besides brown and pink before now. How boring!

I’ve honestly loved experimenting with looks using this pallet. I’ve worn every colour in the rainbow practically although not yet tried a rainbow eye look… Ohhh my next makeup tutorial on YouTube?

This pallet has 18 bold colours with 12 matte shades and 6 glittery shades. The glitters aren’t chunky glitters but instead buttery shimmers which I adore. There is no fallout either. The shades are insanely pigmented!

The Colour burst pallet is available from Superdrug via Revolution as it was a collab between Revolution and Roxi. It costs only £10? Honestly, Revolution are the best for high quality yet affordable makeup!

I tried my best to fit the swatches onto my arm. You can see after only one swipe how amazing the pigment is in the shadows. INCREDIBLE FOR £10!

I’ll include some looks that I’ve created with this pallet below, I can’t recommend it enough. No matter what your makeup experience is, this pallet is so much fun to play around with and such good quality for the price of £10!!!

Has anyone else tried this pallet? Did you love it too!

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