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Hi Guys,

As always I’ve been trying out and testing some new products recently. There’s some products that I’ve been really loving lately but also a few that I haven’t been loving so I decided to review them and give you guys my thoughts to either love too or avoid disappointment!

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Product OneScreen Shot 2018-03-15 at 13.17.21

” I finally understand the hype “

I remember when these lip products were released from Revlon and there was so much hype and praise around them but I’m not one to normally give into the hype. I normally let to let the hype die down a bit.

I do have to admit that I finally understand the hype and I LOVE this lip product. Unlike most matte lip products it isn’t drying on the lips but most importantly it isn’t heavy on the lips. I find that a lot of matte lipsticks can feel quite tacky and heavy on my lips.

This product also has a slight vanilla scent which I love. It’s not strong enough that you will have scented vanilla lips (throwback to primary school) but it does have a subtle yummy smell as some lipsticks do!

This lipstick only £8.99 from boots yet in my eyes it’s as good a quality as a designer lipstick. I would highly recommend that you give into the hype and test out this product! If I had to rate it out of 10 it would be a solid 8.

The only negative I have about this lipstick is that It takes a good five minutes to set before it doesn’t rub off everywhere. Once set this lipstick lasts a good three hours even with eating and drinking, It also leaves a stain on your lips post-wear.

Product Two

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 13.17.28

” I had to remove this around an hour after application “

I’m sorry Max-Factor but I HATED this lipstick.

I could feel the stick and drying lipstick heavily on my lips.You are given a lip balm to put on under this lipstick to avoid your lips drying out with this balm. I’m sure that due to this lipstick being so drying that once set it will stay on for hours but I just can’t bear the feeling of a heavy lipstick on my lips.

I had to remove this around an hour after application. I did give it a good go but it’s just not something that I enjoy wearing. I love the colour of this and it looked lovely in photos and from a distance but up close and especially wearing it was horrible!

It cost me £10.99 and it wasn’t worth the cost in my opinion!


Product Three

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 13.17.35

” Love love love this “

If you follow my social media then you will already know just how much I love and praise this product. It’s seriously amazing!

I knew this product from following Amelia Liana who was always praising/using this product. I wasn’t sure how I felt about an oil cleanser as I can occasionally suffer from oily skin and I didn’t want this cleanser to effect that. I can safely say that the oil isn’t an issue and if anything it’s hydrating on my skin!

I have actually already reviewed this in my beauty haul post which I will link HERE so go and check that out. I just had to include this in this blog post. I love it so much!

Product Four

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 13.17.42

” It’s so satisfying to use “

This again is a product that was reviewed in full over on my beauty haul blog post but again I love this! It’s so satisfying to rub on your skin and see all of your dead skin rub off too!

Check out my blog post for the full review on this amazing exfoliator. It’s going to be a cult product which I will constantly rebuy now! I’m thinking of trying out the brightening version to test out too!

Product Five

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 13.17.54

” I didn’t expect to hate this “

This was a product which I didn’t expect to hate at all as I usually love Sanctuary products! They normally have such a luxurious feeling to their use but sadly this product just felt like hassle!

First of all, you pump the foaming cleanser onto your hands and massage into your face. It’s quite a faff as the foam doesn’t come out easily and neatly. You then need to apply it to your face and massage into your skin.

You need quite a lot to get your makeup of. It doesn’t work so well with mascara and I end up using my trust Chamomile cleanser or Emma Hardy Balm for my eye makeup. Overall I would say that this product was a disappointment and doesn’t do what I want it to anyway!

At £5 this product isn’t expensive but I would rather spend my money on the Simple cleaning water or Bioderma seeing as that Is finally easily available in the UK. Do not waste your money on this product!

Very Disappointing and I won’t be continuing to use it!

Product Six


” I love how easy this product is to use “

Soap and glory always kill it with the body care range. They’re a brand that I trust for good value for money and reliability. I’ve been purchasing and raving about their products since I was 13 years old.

This moisturiser sinks in fast, isn’t stick, isn’t overly scented and doesn’t cost a bomb. I would highly recommend this for a quick moisturise post shower/leg shave. It reminds me of the Vaseline spray moisturiser that was brought out a few years ago although the packaging on Soap and glory’s packaging allows you to squeeze out every last drop.

Have you guys used any of these products and what did you think? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below?

See you next Sunday at 6pm

– Lauren

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