Planet friendly organic coffee

We all know I am a coffee addict, I drink 2 cups a daily, love me some limited edition and seasonal coffees. Syrups are a need not want, my family has even invested in a coffee machine at home for me. I am basically a coffee snob and addict. Are you too? You must be if you’re reading this…

Hi, my name is Lauren and I’m addicted to coffee…

I could not go without a coffee for even one day. I have a coaster on my desk at work from my Mum that says ‘stroppy before coffee’ and it could not be more true to me. Do not talk to me before my first cup of coffee.

Belmino kindly offered me some organic, planet friendly, biodegradable coffee to test out. Of course I said yes as all of the above sounds fabulous. I really do care about the planet just as much as I do for my morning coffee.

These capsules are biodegradable which is rare for Nespresso pods. Their own brand ones are not planet friendly as far as I am aware which is why I usually stay away from Nespresso but these pods are! Both the coffee and pods are planet friendly and organic which is fabulous.

I would suggest pressing your coffee button twice for these pods as the first button doesn’t get all of the coffee out the pods making these weak. This pod has about 2 shots in it making it a fairly strong coffee.

This coffee was delicious. I added some milk and no sugar into this coffee to truly taste it and it was delicious. Not too bitter like most coffee meaning I enjoyed it sugar free?! I know right… wow!

If you are looking for some planet friendly coffee pods for your nespresso machine then I would recommend Belmino. They offer different pods with various flarous and coffee strengths at different costs. There are pink pods too which are Risoluto beans – strong coffee! Yummy!

I received the Allegro coffee pods. These are medium strength arabic beans. There are hints of pure chocolate and the aftertaste contains a suggestion of honey and wood. Delicious coffee which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Let me know if you try these pods and what you think. They are not too expensive at a price range of £16.50 for 8 pods. Planet Friendly Coffee.

Lauren, xo

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