‘Pink Glitter’ face mask review

Hello everybody and welcome back to a new blog post. I am so excited to show you a new face mask that I have discovered. It’s pink, glittery and under £5! Amazing right?!

Keep reading to find out what it is, where it’s from and my thought.

Today I will be reviewing a pink glitter mask which I recently discovered in B&M of all places. If you don’t know what B&M is, It’s an affordable shop full of everything from food and cleaning products to beauty and homeware items. They have known brands at discounted prices. It’s an amazing shop full of affordable products.

I went in with my Mum for just a few bits. New shampoo, some snack bars, tissues and cleaning products. Of course, I came out with some beauty products, chocolate and homeware. I’m so easily distracted…

This pink glittery face mask caught my eye. I thought that It looked similar to one from the brand Glam Glow but it only cost me £3.78. This dupe mask is from the brand Revuele which I hadn’t heard of before.

I can’t seem to find it on B&M’s website but if you want to buy it online I’ve linked an Amazon link HERE! I’m sure if you pop into B&M you will find it though, I brought this mask not too long ago!

The mask constancy is a chunk pink glittered gel which is quite gloopy. I applied a thin layer with a brush which worked best. It’s quite sticky and hard to apply with fingers as it goes everywhere and gives an uneven layer. I just used an old foundation brush.

I then relaxed in my bubble bath for half an hour, until it dried and was ready to peel off! That’s the satisfying fun bit if not a little bit painful!

I didn’t get a picture of me peeling the mask off as I was in the tub. It was very satisfying and not too painful to peel off. It didn’t peel of in one which I was slightly disappointed but it did easily peel off.

My skin felt soft afterwards and was glowing for the next few days. Wether it was leftover glitter or the mask really worked, who knows?! I really did enjoy this mask though and having sensitive skin I was worried I would react badly. For under £5 you cannot go wrong with this magical mask.

I definitely want to try more things from this affordable brand. Has anyone else heard of Revuele or tried anything from them?

This blog post was not sponsored. All pictures and opinions are my own! 🙂

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