Peel off lipstick? Review!

When I heard about a peel-off lip stain I was very intrigued. Lip stains are great so that you don’t have to worry about replications throughout the day. I have never heard of a lipstick that you peel off though, this is a new method and one that I was very excited to trial!

Keep reading to find out how I got on…

Recently, I received some peel off lip stains from a brand called ‘Romantic Bear‘. These are gel lip stains that peel off once dried and leave a stain on your lips for a whole day. I couldn’t wait to try out this lip product!

I was sent all of the shades in the range to test out. In this particular blog post, I trialled the shade ‘Rose Pink‘ although I did swatch them all for you.

They stayed on my wrist for the next three days… the things I do for my blog! It shows how good the stains are though?! The range includes pinks, corals, a berry shade and a red.

The lip products come out as a sticky gel consistency. It’s very thick and gloopy making it quite tricky to apply. I used the product tip itself initially and found it impossible to apply neatly. Next, I used my finger to help apply it which was a mistake, my finger was stained for the rest of the day!

Great look Lauren…

I applied the gel as best as I could, It wasn’t the neatest but I made do. I don’t think I did too badly? It is a very thick and gloopy gel consistency.

Honestly, I hated the consistency and it made me feel quite sick. It says to leave the gel for five to ten minutes or until it dries.

I just basically didn’t move my lips for five minutes because when I did it glooped… eugh! Honestly, the most disgusting ten minutes! It made me gag… I could not wait to peel off the lipstick which I hoped would be satisfying.

Peeling it off was defiantly my favourite part of this while process. It peeled off in one and was very satisfying, seeing the stain underneath!

Once I had peeled off the gel I was happy with the stain. My lips did feel very dry afterwards though so I applied some lip balm. I would recommend applying lip balm before this gel to help.

The lip stain stayed on all day. I ate food, drunk lots of water and coffee throughout the day and it didn’t budge which I was impressed at. For all six shades it costs £3.33. I was impressed with the staying power for the price!

If you can cope with the uncomfortable ten minutes of having a thick gel on your lips then it’s worth it for the durable stain. For £3 I think these lip products are good? Not amazing and there are definitely better products out there with more comfortable process’s.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, It was a different one thats for sure. I had never heard of a peel-off lip stain before. Have any of you tried a peel of lip stain before?

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