Peach Iced Tea Recipe // *As Requested* //

I hope you are all well! A few weeks ago I made some delicious low sugar iced tea and some of you asked for the recipe! I did a poll on Instagram and many of you voted for me to make a blog post with the recipe so here it is.

This is a low calorie, natural version of Lipton’s delicious ice tea …

*This recipe serves four ice tea lovers*


Two teaspoons of honey

– Four tea bags

– Two peaches

– One lemon 


The 5 step recipe:

Step One:

The first step of this easy iced tea recipe is to grab two peaches. Wash your hands and peaches. Cut the peaches into quatres and DO NOT throw away the center.

Cut your lemon in half too.

Step Two:

Place your peaches (Including the centers) and tea bags into a large measuring jug along with some boiled water.

Step Three:

Add in the juice of one lemon along with two teaspoons of honey. This depends on how sweet you want your iced tea – one tsp will do.

Step Four:

Leave your iced tea to brew and cool for around half an hour. The longer the more fragrant. I left mine for half an hour or until cool and it was delicious.

Step Five:

Serve your iced tea in some pretty glasses (I used old jam jars), paper straws and serviettes. Enjoy this delicious low calorie and low sugar peaches iced tea during the UK’s heatwave with friends.

Family members and friends that have tried this loved it and I hope that you all enjoy it too! If you try it too upload your pictures to Instagram and use the #Laurenblogspeachtea so I can see your pics!

See you guys soon,

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