New Years Goals

Hello Darlings, how is it 2020? I know that everyone says it every year but for me 2019 went by so fast. It was honestly one of the best years of my life with so many successes, adventures, new friends, new opportunities and a fair share of bad life lessons, changes and some heart breaks.

Notice how I called this blog post goals not resolutions. These are not life changing itineraries but some goals that I would like to achieve in 2020 both personally and professionally. No pressure, just aspirations to reach for.

Hello darlings and welcome back to a new blog post. Today’s post is all about my goals to aim for in 2020!

I didn’t call these resolutions as there is no pressure, these are just some personal and professional goals that I would love to achieve by the end of the year. I hope that these can inspire you if you’re stuck for some ideas or you just want to be nosey… either or is okay! Enjoy…

  • I would like to try and travel to at least 2 new places

I love travelling and in 2019 I travelled to some incredible places such as the Caribbean, Edinburgh, various new locations to me in London. I want to travel more and further though. There are so many places that I want to visit and soak up some unique cultures. UK and worldwide…

  • I want to exercise more – My friends and family will laugh at this…

I say this every year and never do it… I swear this year will be different and I really want to get into exercise for both my physical and mental health benefits! I live right by the beautiful woods and have access to the gym and gym classes with my work so there are 0 excuses!

(If my old boss is reading this, I promise I will try my best…)

  • Dress bolder and brighter

It is so easy to chuck on the same jeans and jumper daily but I would love to experiment more with my style and be bolder in in 2020. Topshop offer a great and free personal styling session which I would like to take more advantage of. I want to be inspire by other bloggers, follow the trends but style them all in my own unique pink punk rock way.

  • Drink more water

Each year I do get better but 2L a day would be fabulous! It will benefit my health and dehydrated skin. Water is the greatest skincare benefit!

  • Progress my career

I would like to succeed and achieve in my new job that I adore. I want to learn new skills, become even more efficient and responsible in my career. Confidence in myself specifically at work and in my career would be amazing to achieve also!

  • Reach 1k followers on social media and subscribers on YouTube

I am always looking at growing and improving my blog and YouTube channel. Asking you guys what you want to see more of, what I can improve upon, focus on more. Yes, this is a fabulous hobby but one that I want to keep improving and growing in. I want my platforms to be a positive, safe and inspiring place in which we can all relax and be inspired together.

My goal for 2020 is to make my website your one stop shop for beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel tips, tricks, buys.

  • Improve my singing

You may not know this but when I was younger I used to play piano and sing. I had lessons in both and did very well. I am always singing around the house, in the shower, in the car. It’s something that I enjoy and I don’t think I am too bad at? I lost confidence due to bullying at school but it makes me so happy to do, so I am going to get better at it in 2020.

Stay tuned as MAYBE I will post content here and there… we will see.

  • Fall in love

This one is kind of deep, something that I avoid and something that I am kinda scared of I won’t lie. Any of my friends can tell you that I haven’t had the best luck with guys. I’ve been hurt or pushed people away in fear of being hurt. I’ve had some tough situations but got over all of them because I know that I deserve better and I am worthy of a good, happy relationship with my prince.

“If I don’t break, I won’t know how to put myself back together”

Real Friends Band ~ Late Nights In My Car

This year I want to allow myself to try and find my ‘prince’ and fall in love. Stay tuned I guess and see, I have a good feeling about this goal.

What are your goals for 2020? I would love to know

Lauren, xo

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