New Year – New You

Hey Guys,

This new year I plan on looking out for myself a little bit more. I’m not talking about being selfish but I’m instead talking about looking out for your mental health and well being. It’s so vital that you look after yourself first as your own well being is so is the most important!

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I was recently sent an infographic and article all about sleep and how badly your brain and beauty can be affected by lack of sleep.

The idea of ‘getting your beauty sleep’ may sound old-fashioned but modern science says beauty sleep is as real as it gets and sleeping helps the look of your appearance.


Some of my own tips for getting to sleep include:

Use a lavender or soothing scented pillow spray or oil


IMG_0010Light a candle and turn on fairy lights

IMG_4118Don’t go on your phone an hour before bed

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Read a book

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Take 10 deep breaths before you sleep


I’m sure that you’ve all heard of Calm

Calm is an app which offers meditation for a range of mental health struggles such as anxiety and sleep. I find it very relaxing before bed to remind me to breathe and cleanse my mind of overthinking. 

Use an eye mask

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This eye mask was from Bath and Body works with a Christmas gift pack offer. 

Get into a sleep schedule


Pillow Talk app records your sleep schedule and any sleep talking that you may also do! 

Most importantly this app helps your body by reminding you when to go to sleep and sets alarms that naturally wake you up when it is the correct.  You can also set your alarm and be woken naturally. For example, I am slowly awoken by the sound of tweeting bird which gradually gets louder. 

 If you don’t get enough sleep you are 6% less healthy, 4% less attractive to others and of course 19% more tired then you would be with the correct amount of sleep. Sleep really does affect your looks and well-being.

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In order to get more and better sleep in order to improve your well-being it is recommended that you follow this simple routine;

Moisturise your skin – This is the best time for your skin to absorb moisturiser. Moisturiser application is also a great way to relax as you can massage it into your skin an hour before sleep.

Sleep on your back – Sleeping on your back has been scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles as well as controlling your breathing in order to give you a much deeper sleep. I’ll definitely be trying out this tip!

Hydrate –  Try and drink lots of water always but especially when you wake up as this is when you’re most dehydrated and the water will help to wake you up as well as giving your skin that natural glow that everyone always wants.

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I hope these tips help you to get a much better sleep!

Sleep if my favourite party of the day if I’m honest. I’ve always loved my sleep and I would much rather spend my evenings snuggled in bed then going out clubbing.

I always feel so much better after a good nights rest and you will too.

See you soon,

– Lauren, xo

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