My university experience and tips

Hi Guys,

Today’s post is all about my personal university experience. I’m going to tell you everything from writing my personal statement to 6 months on in my course.

Applying for university can but such an exciting and scary time in your life. I remember around this time last year when I was planning my personal statement thinking; Am I ready for university, is this the right decision for me, am I smart enough, will I get home sick and hate it and want to drop out? So many thoughts were flying around in my head as I thought about the whole idea of going to university and whether it was the right decision for me.

Here are a few tips for applying for University;

  • Make your personal statement stand out

This is something that you will be fed up of hearing by the time that you complete your personal statement but it’s so important to make yourself be bold and stand out.  The admissions teams at university’s read thousands and thousands of generic personal statement every day. The different between a generic and unique personal statement could be the difference between a conditional and unconditional offer! Tell them your hobbies, what you’re good at, what you enjoy and where you have traveled! 

  • Do your research into courses 

–  Really look into a range of courses and universities across the country. There are so many courses with similar names at different universities but they all have something slightly different which you might prefer 

  • Make sure that you go and visit the University and meet the tutors on the courses that you’re interested in

Sometimes the courses are completely different online as to what the tutors tell you and show you they are. For example, I went to see one media course in Edinburgh and I was disappointed to see that the university didn’t even have all of the latest equipment of software such as macs and adobe which a fast moving media course should have, the lecturers were uninterested and the course was too theoretical based when I understood it was half and half. 

  • Remember that no course or University is perfect

–  You probably aren’t going to like every single aspect of a course or University but the idea is to find a course and university to have more pros than cons. This may seem over the top but it’s not a bad idea to make a pros and cons list of your favourite Universities and courses in order to help you narrow your choices down to 5 or 3 courses. 

  • Don’t be nervous about interviews

– The lecturers are normally very kind and just as nervous as you are about the interviews. The interviews are also a good opportunity to practice your interview techniques for future jobs when you graduate. 

Make sure you dress smart, speak clearly and lock eye contact with the person interviewing you. The difference between a conditional and unconditional offer all depends on your confidence, open body language and knowledge. 

  • Don’t miss deadlines!

– Deadlines are so important to not miss! If you miss a deadline then you have instantly set a bad impression upon the university. The saying first comes first serve and you snooze you loose are very relevant when it comes to the university. 

The sooner you send in your personal statement or apply for your no 1 accommodation the better chance you have of succeeding. 

Check out Which’s website for more useful information on applying for university! 

– Their site really helped me with advice and behind the scenes information when I was applying for university! 

Don’t be nervous or worried about applying for University. It’s such an exciting time and experience in your life that you will remember forever. Just make sure you choose the right course and don’t miss your deadlines and you will be fine!

A year ago I never thought that I would make it or even want to go to University thanks to various people looking down upon me but look at me now. I’m studying a degree at Birmingham City University on an unconditional offer. I got 5 out of 5 offers including two unconditional offers! I saw what I wanted and I worked my butt off to achieve it – make sure that you do the same and reach for your dreams!

Good Luck to everyone currently applying to University – If you have any questions please contact me via my social media pages or comment below.

– Lauren, XO

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