My top 3 affordable candles

Hi guys,

For this weeks post, we have my favourite candles that I love to burn for when I want to want to relax in a bubble bath with a book and a face mask on a Sunday night.

So here they are, my three favourite candles for relaxation:


First up is the Floralia candle which I got from Tkmaxx. It cost me around £5.

The Floralia candle is a lavender scented candle. It’s very soothing and very good to get your body relaxed and your mind sleepy in order to have a good nights sleep.

I personally love lavender but I know some people don’t. It is quite a strong candle whilst not being too much so that you get a headache which I find with some candles as they can be too strong.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a link to this online so keep your eyes peeled in Tkmax. Sorry!

Next up is the L candle which you can get from Asda for £2. A bargain!

– You can get different letters of course! 

This candle is lovely. Not only because it’s personalised but also because it’s scent is lovely and fresh. There are hints of both florals and fresh green smells making it a floral yet still fresh smelling candle. I don’t like my candles to be too sweet smelling.

As you can see I have used this candle up because I loved it that much. I now use it with a scented tea light.

Last but not least is the most luxurious candle of all. Neom is one of my favourite luxury brands for both candles and skincare.

This is the Neoms Happiness candle which I got from Tkmax for around £15.

This candle smells very floral. Think lilies mixed in with some green leafy scents and that’s what this lovely uplifting candle smells like.

I would recommend this candle if you need a pick me up. The name is very well suited for this candle.

What are your favourite candles at the moment? I would love to know, please comment telling me! 🙂

See you in two weeks for a new blog post!

-Lauren, XO

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