My makeup storage + tour

Hi Guys,

As a very organised person, I love everything having its own sensible place. Everything in my room is perfectly placed and pretty – ready for Instagram pictures!

I thought I would talk you through my makeup storage, all of my storage is from Amazon apart from my makeup brush holder which is from Ikea and my light up mirror from ASDA.

My jewellery holder is from Tiger and my diffuser is the Antigua scented diffuser from Next. I chose the Antigua scent as I will be going there this year for my 21st birthday – how exciting!!

Lipsticks, Face products, Brow and Eye pencils; 

IMG_1257.jpgOn the top layer of my makeup storage I have Lipsticks, Foundations, Concealers, Eyeliners, Eye pencils, Brow pencils and face base products such as primers and setting sprays.

Eye and extra brow products;

IMG_1251.jpgIn the top drawer of my makeup storage, I have eyeshadow pallets and pencils, eyeshadow primers, brow gels and mascaras.

Blushes, Bronzers and Highlighters;


In this drawer, I have bronzers, blushers and highlighters.

The Revlon blusher in shade 012, The Benefit ‘Dandelion’ Blusher and the Benefit what’s up highlighter are my daily contouring staples! They’re all so pigmented and work together so nicely for a gorgeously everyday spring makeup look!

(Let me know if you would be interested in seeing my everyday spring makeup look?)

Liquid lipsticks and glosses;




I own the Zoeva complete brush set, my curlers are from Primark, my beauty blender is from boots and my daily brush spray is from Sephora.

I hope you guys enjoyed looking at my makeup storage and it inspired you as to how to organise your own makeup.

DISCLAIMER: – I probably have too much makeup then what is needed but I like to have a choice of products to swap around on a daily basis which I do

See you guys soon,

Lauren, XO 

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