Lily Pebbles – The F Word Review

On Wednesday night I went to meet my favourite blogger and the inspiration behind me starting my blog – Lily Pebbles!

I’ve met Lily once before about five years ago with my mum who is also a fan of Lily’s! Lily was hosting a beauty event with Muji. Me and my Mum decided to pop along as my mum knew Lily was/is a huge inspiration to me and she also knew that I wanted to start my very own beauty blog but I didn’t know how and where to start!

I quizzed Lily on her top tips for how to start and maintain a blog and four years later here I am! Running my very own fashion and beauty blog with the support of idols, friends and brands!

In case you don’t know Lily or you’ve been hiding under a rock – she recently released a book called the F-Word which is all about friendship!!

This book is a celebration of female friendships and all the different types of friendships both good and also bad.

My favourite bit out of the whole book was the section where Lily talked about her friend being bullied at school. I loved the perspective of the situation of bullying from an onlooker rather than the subjects them self. Lily had such a easy and personal reading style which I loved!

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