Life Update

Hello Everybody,

There wasn’t a blog post up on Friday because my life has been very hectic lately. If you don’t follow me on social media then you may not know, I’m doing up my bedroom and office after moving home from Universty.

 My bedroom is currently empty and my office is full of boxes ~ what colour is my floor again?

I am currently painting, measuring and building IKEA furniture ready to have my dream bedroom and inspiring home office/filming room. I am so excited for it to be finished and show you all but until then it is very manic and I have been non-stop since my return to the UK after a six-week working holiday in Menorca. Brrr it’s cold…

On Tuesday I fly off on my very first solo trip to New York City. I will be visiting my friend Leah who is currently completing an amazing six-month internship with a knitwear company over there. I promised to visit her and as I’ve been to new york twice before I like to think that I know my way around just about.

I will be hanging out with her after work and on the weekends but I am a free bird on the weekdays. If anyone has some recommendations on what I should do and where I should go, please let me know in the comments below. I’ve done the tourist bits so now I am looking for the blogger/Instagram location! I will be there over Halloween and early November and I’m so excited!

Whilst I am exploring in New York, my parents will kindly be busy painting and decorating my office as well as building some Ikea furniture and doing some DIY’s to save money.

I love you Mum (and Dad), thank you!

There will be blog posts soon I promise but please be patient with me whilst I organise my life and living space. I’m so busy right now with catching up with friends, travelling and DIY’ing. I plan on vlogging and blogging New York. I will also be working with some brands on two upcoming blog posts so keep your eyes open for those exciting collaborations.

For now, make sure to follow my Instagram (@Laurenblogs_) and keep up to my busy but exciting life over the next few months. I’m so excited to share this journey with you all.

I will see you guys soon and as always I send lot’s of love and positive vibes!

– Lauren, XO

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