Life Update: I started my dream job!

Looking for jobs is difficult, especially as a graduate with little experience in the industry. Most areas are super competitive these days but especially the creative sectors. Somehow despite this, I just started my first & dream job!

How did I find it, how am I finding settling into a new job, what to expect?

On September the 2nd at 10 AM, a very excited and nervous Lauren walked into her new and dream job. As I did, I had mixed emotions of excitement and nerves for a new adventure. A new job and my first full-time job is a scary adventure. One that I was excited for, however!

I went to University all on my own not really knowing the city that well or any people except my bestie. Will was luckily half an hour away at Birmingham university however I didn’t see him for the first month. This was so that I could settle in and make my own new friendship groups at my university. I survived that very well, I can do this!

For me personally, despite getting very anxious as I am sure that everyone does. I love new adventures and drink up as much as I can. New adventures are so exciting and fun. Learning new things, exploring new locations, meeting new potential friends. I find it fun!

I am not going to name my company for personal privacy reasons but my new role is an Account Executive. In essence, my role is to assist with production and everything that goes alongside that. Checking briefs are correct, attending shoots for campaigns, working with the creative team to design campaigns, getting approval from the brands. It’s really fun and I am loving it!

My company works with mostly TV adverts, Film Adverts, Video and Toy games. Playmobil and Shaun the sheep haha, both toys that I loved as a child! Now I’m inspiring other children with fun adverts.

I’ve only been here for three weeks so far but I settled in surprisingly fast! It really does help when your colleagues are so friendly and helpful. My company is willing to teach and assist me. They don’t expect me to know everything and anything I don’t know, I’m taught!

As a graduate, your company and employees will not expect you to know everything. Most companies should be willing to train you if needed and welcome you to your first ever job kindly. Mine did!

The offices that I’m working in currently are so dreamy too! Super modern and relaxed with a forum where bands occasionally come and perform in, a super cool cafe/canteen and a zen room for some guided meditation if needed! There’s also a massage room?! I know right!

The best part? My dress code. I don’t need to dress up too much here. In the modern and creative world, jeans are appropriate. Daily I wear jeans, a shirt and my vans. It’s 100% acceptable and we all dress casually in the office.

If I have client-facing meetings I would, of course, dress up and dress smart but that doesn’t happen too often with my current role. Most meetings are phone calls rather than face to face client meetings.

I am so excited for this new adventure. Please bear with me in terms of blog posts for the first few months. I am going to try and keep uploading weekly but of course, my full-time job will be taking priority.

Check out this article published by my University about me and my job! 🙂

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