Hogwarts Mystery Review *NO SPOILERS*

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If you didn’t already know – I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter and I have been since I was a little girl. I am house Hufflepuff in case you were wondering. Loyal and Kind!

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Half of my family are Scottish and my Uncle even worked in a clothes store and met JK-Rowling. Worst uncle ever though because he didn’t get me an autograph or a photo! I was gutted because she’s such an inspiring woman to me.

I’ve always loved Harry Potter and I own so much memorabilia so when I heard that there was a FREEHarry Potter game on the app store I was so excited!

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery




I will not include any spoilers about the storyline in this game so don’t worry.

The story starts off with you making your very own witch or wizard. You can base this off yourself, who you want to be or just a fictional characters and these rules apply to the name that you give your character.


Next, you will receive your LETTER TO HOGWARTS. I’ve only been waiting 21 years for that letter… No big deal or anything… 


Once you have established your characters name and style it’s time to travel to Hogwarts, once at Hogwarts it’s time to go shopping for your books and wand!


The games story progress works on your choices. I chose compassion meaning that I was chosen by a wand with Unicorn hair. Any true Harry Potter fans will know that your wand chooses you not the other way round by the way! 😉

So the story behind this game is pre – Harry Potter. Harry has just been born and survived he who must not be named and you are now attending Hogwarts. All is not as exciting as it sounds though because your older brother has been expelled from Hogwarts and is thought to be working with ‘he who must not be named’. Are the stories true’? What will everyone at school be saying about you?


The game has a murder mystery storyline alongside your character making friends and enemies, attending classes, learning to fly and so much more. It’s so exciting that this game is set in first person and you yourself feel like you’re really at Hogwarts making friends.

IMG_2761IMG_2763IMG_2757IMG_2758IMG_2755Download it for free on the app store HERE

Has anyone else played it? What house are you in and are you loving it as much as me? I would love to know in the comments below!

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