Glossier Haul + Review

In October 2018 I took my first solo trip to New York City to visit one of my very good friends Leah. She was lucky enough to be doing a six month internship and whilst she was at work during the weekdays, I was left alone to do some shopping, exploring and blogging.

Of course being in New York City, I had to visit the Glossier showroom and finally find out what all of the hype was about with their products.

After visiting the Glossier showroom, I found out that they had opened a new one just a few months later, typical! I loved the penthouse showroom located in Soho. The staff were helpful and friendly, aesthetic was pink, fun and industrial. I liked how ALL products were available to try and test out.

I loved the idea and the packaging behind Glossier’s solid perfume. I tested it out and loved the fresh yet floral everyday scent. I also trialled their cleanser and decided to go with the ‘Daily Skin Essentials’ set.

This is something that I was told is a good way to discover and test out Glossier’s products. Their skincare is what they are most famous for although my next order will be including some makeup I think!

I decided to go unscented and just get the original started kits. This is something that I have seen a lot of bloggers rave about and test out so I decided to join the club and test them out for myself.

One thing that I love about Glossier is that all of their products come in a pink bubble wrap, airport approved cosmetics case and with stickers. I don’t care how old I am, I still love stickers and I’ve stuck some onto my Macbook.

I love this basic skincare set. All three products are very gentle and perfect for sensitive skin like mine. I was told that the unfragranced and gentle skin care is great for all skincare types.

So let’s start with the cleanser. This is a gel-like cleanser than goes milky when mixed with water and massaged into the skin. It doesn’t strip your skin and leaves it feeling soft and moisturiser. It really does melt your makeup away – even waterproof mascara!

Next up, the moisturiser is a light water like texture. A little goes a long way with this and it sinks in fast leaving your skin feeling silky soft. It can also act as a makeup primer which I didn’t realise.

I have tried and tested it out and indeed it does work well as a Primer although I do prefer it as a moisturiser and I’m not sure how good it is as lasting all day. I am currently using the YSL Touche Eclat primer which I LOVE! Personally, I use it as just a moisturiser.

Last but not least, is the balm dot com. This is an amazing balm which you can apply to your lips, cuticles or any dry spots of skin.

I love this and it’s multi-use benefits. It’s a perfect handbag essential to keep moisturised on the go. It sinks in fast, is unscented and tasteless. Some thick lip balms can taste foul but this is non-stick, heavy or distasteful.

The ‘Skincare Set’ cost me £35 which I think is amazing value. This skincare is so luxurious, gentle and effective. I will definitely be repurchasing this one day. Click HERE to buy the set yourself.

I loved visiting the Glossier showroom and I can now understand what the Hype is about. Their products are well and truly worth a try.

It is even easier to get it in the UK now as they have a UK site and shipping. No customs fee’s or hassle. Follow the link below to have a look …

I can’t wait to try some makeup next! Have you tried Glossier and what’s your favourite products?

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