Five years of blogging!

Hello everybody, I can’t believe that I’ve been blogging for FIVE WHOLE YEARS today! That’s crazy right?! I didn’t know if I would still be blogging five years later let but here I am.

In todays blog post I will be discussing five things that I’ve learnt after blogging for five years. I’m hoping that this will help out some of my fellow blogging friends or anyone who wants to start a blog. This might also just be interesting to my readers? Enjoyh!

In today’s blog post I will be discussing five things that I’ve learnt after blogging for five years. So without further ado let’s get started!

Tip number one: Instagram

My first tip is Instagram. Instagram is a great place to gain inspiration, new followers and brand interest. It is key to keep a theme too or at least edit all pictures to a high standard.You don’t even need a camera, Iphones actually take some great quality pictures.

I use VSCO and Lightroom to edit my pictures. Both apps are free and great for editing photo quality and filters. I have created my own pink tinged filter in order to keep my Instagram feed themed and pretty. My brand of myself and my blog is very girly and pink so my Instagram, Youtube and website all mirror this. What’s your brand/style?

Tip number two: Be Yourself

I love all things pink, gold, girly and pretty. I also love heavy metal, pop punk and rock music. Dressing grungy for gigs, wearing band tee’s on a daily basis and crowd surfing. I’m not afraid to show both sides of myself on my blog and YouTube. I am me and that’s how my content stands out!

Being unique is what will make you stand out and recognisable so don’t be afraid to be bold. Sometimes you have to break your brand and aesthetic slightly to stand out but that’s okay. In the above picture, I’m not wearing a ‘bloggable’ pretty outfit but my background makes up for it and my photo editing still fits my pretty and elegant aesthetic.

Tip number three:

Does your website look professional? You don’t have to pay a lot for a website revamp but I would really recommend getting a pretty theme. You can get some really affordable website designs from Pipdig or Etsy.

A professional looking website means more attention. Brands more likely to be interested in collabs, readers and followers to your blog.

Tip number four:

In order to make it easy for your followers to keep up to date, make sure to install a way for them to subscribe.

I (with help from Josh my website designer / friend hehe ) installed this feature where my followers get an email straight to their inbox when a new blog post or youtube video goes live. I will occasionally send out newsletters too with updates and chats.

Tip number five:

Promote your posts! The new Instagram algorithm is very confusing and in my opinion, quite unhelpful for reaching new target audiences. I have promoted a few posts along the way wether they are collaborations with brands or content I want to show off.

Promoting really helps you to reach new audiences. You can set your audience to a certain age or gender and even country. It’s helpful for getting clicks on your Instagram, blog or YouTube channel if you wanted.

It doesn’t cost a lot either as you can set your own budget, the minimum being £1 a day or maximum at around £15. It’s completely up to you and you can run the promote as long as you like with the minimum being a day.

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