February Empties

Hi Guys,

I’ve been saving up all of my empty products ready to show you what I’ve been using in the past months along with a short review.


Liz Earl ‘Cleanse and Polish’ – £14.00

The Liz Earl cleanse and polish cleanser is a cult beauty product amongst most women and especially bloggers. I may be generalising here but I have personally never met or heard of anyone who doesn’t like this product.

Simply squirt one of two pumps of the cleanser onto your hand then massage the cream into your skin. Follow that up by wiping off the cream with a muslin cloth soaked in warm water.

The cleanser literally melts all of your makeup off your face although I wouldn’t recommend this for waterproof mascara but any other makeup will melt away at ease with this cleanser. The cleanser itself is unscented and gentle so if you have sensitive skin or don’t like scented products then this cleanser is perfect for you and at £14.00 It’s so affordable for the quality and amount of product that you get!

Body Shop ‘Vitamin E’ Face Mist – £10.00

I’m personally not to fussed over facial mists. I rarely rebuy a mist and I’m constantly swapping around face mists in order to try out new products.

This face mist from the body shop was very nice. It smelt lovely and fresh/floral, the mist was moisturising enough, my skin felt brighter and more rejuvenated after using this. I would highly recommend it if you want a light moisturising and brightening mist.

Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum – £32.00

I’ve only recently within the past few months started to use serums due to my skin becoming very dry and dull for some unknown reason. I did a bit of online research in search of a product that brightens up your skin and moisturises it. I came across Origins skin renewal serum and read all the raving reviews then decided I must purchase this serum and try it out for myself.

The reviews really are correct. This serum is amazing – It smells so lovely and fresh and floral, it moisturises your skin and brightens your skin. After just one week of using this I notices how soft and bright my skin was starting to look and I’m now onto my second bottle!

Simply put this on before your moisturiser and eye cream and watch your skin slowly get more and more flawless everyday – I promise you that it’s worth the cost!

Nip + Fab “De-Stress’ shower gel – £8.99

Shower gels to me are a similar situation to face mists. I’m always trying something new and I rarely repurchase a shower gel as there are so many on the market that I’m always eager to try.

This shower gel smelt just like a spa with floral notes. It was a very gentle shower gel on my sensitive skin. I would recommend this if you want a soothing scent to use in the evening before bed – It definitely helped to relax me before going to seep.

First Aid Beauty ‘Facial Radiance’ Pads – 18.99

First aid beauty is a very well known skincare brand in America which is slowly trying to establish their name in the UK.

These radiance pads were nice and gently to use but personally, I would rather use a physical exfoliator and for half the cost of these pads, I can’t personally say that these made much of a difference for my radiance.

Soap and glory ‘Scrub Of Your Life’ Scrub – £7.00

Soap and glory are probably one of my favourite drugstore brands. You know what you’re going to get when you buy a soap and glory product and you know you won’t feel guilty buying their luxurious products because the cost is just so affordable.

This scrub was lovely to use. it smelt delicious and sugary and really worked to get rid of any dead skin or nasty toxins. I love this scrub, I am yet to repurchase it but I will!

Rimmel ‘Match Perfection’ foundation – £7.99

Rimmel is a very good drugstore brand for an affordable cost although I wouldn’t say that they’re my favourite makeup brand that there is in the drugstore.

I enjoyed using this foundation – the coverage was buildable, my skin looked flawless with it on and the shade was at the bottle says perfection. I will probably rebuy this one time but for now I’m trying out Chanel’s Vitalumier Aqua Foundation which my Mum kindly got me for Christmas – I’m so spoilt! Thanks mum 😉

Benefit ‘Ready, Set, Brow’ Gel – £18.00

I really loved this brow gel. Benefit are a great brand who produce top-notch products in slightly quirky packaging.

The brow gel kept my brows in place all day without leaving my brows feeling rock hard which some gels do – I hate the feeling of rock solid frozen like brows.

Borjour ‘Chocolate’ bronzer – £7.99

I didn’t actually finish this product completely – Instead, I am unfortunately throwing it away.

This product smells amazing and I’m normally 99% happy with Borjour products but the pigmentation of this bronzer disappointed me. No matter how hard I tried to build this bronzer up on my face I just couldn’t get the pigmentation that I wanted. Very disappoint!

 See you soon for a what I eat in a day – Healthy University Student Edition

Lauren ,XO

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