Empties 2018 *

I haven’t done an empties blog post in a long time and recently there’s been a few products that I’ve been both loving and hating.  I thought you might like to see what I’ve been using up and loving and/or hating recently!

I move back home in a matter of weeks and then I’m off to mermaid school for six weeks so I’m trying to use up products and save moving them home with possible spillage… It’s happened before eek!


I will be giving a short review of these products and let you know whether they are worth purchasing or avoiding!

I’m gonna get the negativity out of the way first. I love Sanctuary as a brand and normally I love how unique yet affordable they’re products are but unfortunately I really wasn’t too fussed with this product. It is quite faffy to use as you pump the foam onto your hands then apply it to your face and it turns to water and melts your makeup.

It worked okay but I prefer Bioderma, Body Shop’s chamomile cleanser or Emma Hardy’s morning cleansing balm. This product was a hassle and didn’t work amazingly at removing makeup, it also stung my eyes if it got in! Don’t spend your money on this!

It cost me £3.99 and I would rather splurge on my skincare in the future.

If you want to purchase this or any other items on this post simply click on the photos of the products.

As you can tell, this product has been very well loved and used. It used to be Soap and Glory’s clean on me shower gel but the packaging came off the bottle! This is a cult product for me and one that I love. It smells fresh and musky like a sexy man…

I’m not too fussy with shower gels, as long as it smells good and lathers up well then I’m happy. I rarely repurchase the same shower gel as I get bored but I haven’t purchased anything from soap and glory in a long time and I love this product!

At £6.50 it’s a bargain. It’s lasted me a few months and a little goes a long way! Definitely check out this shower gel and Soap and Glory’s brand. Their makeup is amazing too – the cat eyeliner is a cult product of mine and one that I will always repurchase!

Oh look – another amazing Soap and Glor product!

This is a spray on milky moisturizer. I really believe in moisturizing your body all year around. Especially legs after shaving if you want sexy legs that feel like silk… your boyfriend would agree.

This moisturizer is so easy to apply. You simply spray it on and you don’t even need to rub it in. It sinks in so quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky or tacky feeling on your skin. It also has the same sweet and sexy smell as Soap and Glory’s clean on me shower gel!

This cost me £7 and again it lasting a few months making it great value! Soap and Glory is normally on 3 for 2 at Boots!

Washing your face daily is so important to avoid spots and breakouts. I have very sensitive skin so I love Simple as a brand to protect and look after my skin. This face wash worked wonders to deep clean my face daily without affecting my eyes or sensitive skin. There’s not much to say about this product other than it worked nicely and I would recommend it. The only one small downside is that the scent is slightly similar to a chlorine scent but it doesn’t stay on your skin!

I may purchase it in the future although I do also love Garnier’s face wash and Neutrogena’s pink grapefruit face wash as it smells amazing. Like shower gels I get bored and often try new face wash’s.

This face wash cost me £2.33 which is amazing value! It lasted me ages and worked very well!


Last but not least is a quick and easy in shower detox mask. Every Sunday I like to have a pamper and prepare both mentally and physically for the week. A good hair mask and detox mask is the perfect ways to do this. I like to apply this along with a hair mask for 10 minutes whilst I shave my legs.

This detox masks worked really well. I could feel my skin tingling but in a good way as I knew it was working. It brings out any impurities and spots and detox’s your skin. This mask has three purposes which is to mattify, purify and detox your skin. This mask is unisex too so you and your boyfriend can both have perfect skin. Future boyfriend… I hope that you’re ready 😉


I actually got this free as I worked with Granier on a campaign a few months ago but you can buy this from boots for £3.33.

I hope that you guys enjoyed seeing what i’ve been using and loving lately! I will see you all next Friday! 

Disclaimer: To purchase any products in this blog post simply click on the photo. This post was not sponsored but I have kindly been gifted some products. These products have a * marked next to them! All images are my own 🙂 

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