DIY Pumpkin Candle

It’s Autumn! Time to get cosy, warm, step on crunchy orange leaves, watch the rain fall, watch the Nightmare Before Christmas all snuggled up, drink Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and burn your Pumpkin candles.

Today I am going to show you how to turn old candles that will no longer burn, into new ones! Time for some fun DIY…

I asked on Instagram if you wanted me to film this or write a blog post and a blog post won so here I am. This is my recipe or set by step guide on how to upcyle your old candles and make new ones!

I loved the smell of this Pumpkin Patch candle that I got from T K Max but the wick sadly won’t burn anymore. I didn’t want to throw it away and waste all of that delicious smelling wax however. I decided to upcyle it!

From this to six brand new candles! I had so much fun decorating them and adding my personal touch. I gifted some to friends and my Mum too!

There are only five simple and easy steps. Please get help from an adult if you are younger and be VERY CAREFUL with the hot wax as it will burn!

Let’s get started DIY’ing!

You Will Need The Following

  • One old candle
  • Candle Wicks
  • Glass jars
  • An old microwave safe mug or container
  • Mod Podge or clear all surface glue
  • Scissors
  • Decor Items
    • (Gold Sharpie, Labels from Pinterest, Pumpkin jewels, charms, glitter, brown string, ribbons, stickers)
  • Your creative mind ready to go!

Step One!

Candle Wicks!

First, cut your wick to size and then apply a small amount of glue to the bottom of the wick and place it firmly in the centre of your glass.

Leave the glue to dry for around an hour or until clear

Step Two!

Break up the wax!

You may need to use scissors or a knife for this. A good tip too is to microwave the candle for 30 seconds to a minute, this softens the wax so it’s easier to break apart into chunks.

Step Three!

Melt the wax!

Depending on your microwave depends on how long the wax takes to melt. I put my wax in for 5 minutes, checking on it every minute to give it a stir and making sure to not burn any wax.

Please be careful doing this as both the mug and wax may be scolding hold!

Step Four!

Time to fill the jars!

Be very very careful when doing this. Some of the wax dripped out of the mug for me and it will be scolding hot! Slowly and carefully does it!

Fill the wax to about one and a half centimetres below your candle wick.

Leave it to full set and come to room temperature for around an hour!

The best things are worth waiting for!

Step Five!

Decoration Time!

For my candles, I decided to print out these Pumpkin Juice labels that I found on Pinterest. I love Harry Potter and these gave me Harry Potter vibes! I also drew on some hearts using a black sharpie!

One some candles as you can see in the middle, I tied some brown string and these cute little pumpkin charms that I found on Ebay around the top of the glass candle jars! I though this looked super cute!

You can decorate your candles however you like! Please don’t forget to show me yours as I would love to see, upload your snaps to Instagram and use the #Laurenblogsdiy!

I really do hope that you enjoyed this post and will reuse candle wax instead of throwing it away in future. Reuse and recycle, it’s fun!

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