Travel Guide – Menorca

Hi Guys,

Recently I visited one of the Balearic Islands called Menorca. I have been going to this island since I could walk so over the years I have discovered the best restaurants, bars and beaches.  It is a lovely Island that I recommend you visit for a few weeks!

It is an affordable two-hour flight from London, Luton airport. The people on the island are lovely, they speak good English, the island is not too commercialised and everything is very affordable!

I have stayed in various locations on the island such as Binibecca, Mahon (the main ‘city’) and S’algar. I love all of the locations but they all offer different experiences.

Where to stay:


Binibeca is great for families and young children. There are villas to rent, beaches with water sports and child-friendly restaurants. I would highly recommend Binibeca for families with young children or teenagers.


Mahon is great for young people, couples or teenagers. It’s a small city with a good nightlife, fancy restaurants and popular bars. Maybe not great for a three week beach holiday or young children!

S’algar /Cala d’alcaufar:

S’algar is a great coast side town with its own 5* dive centre, resort, turquoise water beaches and a gorgeous walking route in which you can walk to Punta Prima or Binibeca.  

There are a few restaurants and bars within walking distance in S’algar too as well as a wide choice of apartments available to rent either from Port blue resorts, Air B’n’B or Homeaway.

S’algar Diving:


Pan Y VinoPan Y Vino is a very lovely restaurant that serves both beautifully looking and tasting food and the most romantic and homely setting. You sit on a brick patio undercover. The staff are ever so friendly and the food is reasonably priced in regards to how luxurious the whole experience and your treatment is.  The food is a mix between French and Spanish as the owners are both French and Spanish.

Shoutout to Noela and Patrick for inviting me to the best restaurant in Menorca – In my opinion! 😉 

Hotel Rural: Has the quaintest setting with heart shaped chairs, floral patchwork cushions and tropical plants. This is somewhere to go for some delicious food, a cute homey environment whilst still being outside amongst the tropical weather and plants. This is, in my opinion, the perfect setting for a very special date night. The food is once again affordable whilst still being full of flavours and well presented and the staff were very welcoming and friendly.

Way, Mahon: Resturant way is a delicious Chinese/Thai/Japanese restaurant that serves anything from noodles to fresh sushi. They do a set lunch menu which costs only ten euros for three courses. I really enjoyed how beautifully the food was displayed and how full of flavours and spice the food was. The staff were very friendly and accommodating.

Binifadet: This restaurant was just stunning set around a vineyard with a roof of vines. The food was delicious and not too expensive whilst the wine was hard to stop drinking and again affordable. The vineyard is open for a wander after lunch which I and my parents enjoyed as we were full from all of the delicious food and well in need of a walk.

There is a gift shop in which you can buy anything from candles and face oils to wine and tote bags. The restaurant also offers wine tours twice a day where they show you the process of wine making from picking the grapes to squashing them into delicious wine.


Bringing it back again to Binifadet, this a lovely place to come even if you just want to enjoy a few glasses of wine. They have a bar/cafe towards the front of the restaurant where you can just sit under the fairy lights and enjoy anything from a coffee to cocktails!


Binibecca: This is a great beach for young children and families to enjoy as there is a range of water sports such as Kayaking, paddle boarding and boating. There is also a beach bar which is great for lunch, ice creams or a bottle of wine.

Cala d’alcaufarThis is a lovely small and local beach with a beach restaurant that serves delicious wine and black rice. This beach is sheltered from rough seas or jellyfish but be careful swimming out to see as it is a little rocky. If you don’t like busy beaches then this is the perfect beach for you!

As far as I’m aware this is the smallest beach on Menorca and it is unnamed but it’s located a small walk from Cala d’alcaufar. The very small beach offers enticing turquoise waters and small caverns. This beach is great for a quick dip or some snorkelling.

Caribean or Menorca? Nobody Knows??

Punta Prima:  This is a slightly over commercialised beach but it’s beautiful all the same. Punta Prima is a great place for families to visit and stay with turquoise waters and golden sandy beaches. This is a nice big beach with sunbeds and umbrellas available to rent.


In terms of shopping definitely, check out the main city called Mahon. They have lots of cute and quaint shops such as shoe shops, swimwear shops, bath shops, a gin shop and a Mango!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. If you’re looking for a new and affordable holiday destination then I would highly recommend that you look into visiting Menorca. 

See you guys next Sunday at 6 pm for a new blog post!

Lauren, XO

Travel Guide: Portugal

Hi Guys,

Recently I went to Portugal on a two week holiday with my parents.

I absolutely loved it. The sun was constantly shining and the drinks kept coming.

I know some of you are going to Lisbon in the up and coming weeks so I thought it would be nice to do a blog post with some recommendations. Even if you’re not going to Lisbon you could read this blog post to have a sneaky peek into Lisbon and Cascais. It’s the perfect and affordable European city break to go to with some friends and/or family.

For the beach;















If you’re staying in Lisbon but fancy a trip to the beach I would recommend getting an uber from Lisbon to Cascai. It’s a super cute and quaint sea side town with some amazing restaurants, bars, and beaches. The uber is about a 20 minutes ride away and cheaper than taxi’s.

For the beach itself you can hire a bike and cycle 40 minutes or get an Uber to Guincho beach! It’s also named the surfers beach – it’s a great spot to sit and watch the surfers!

For some pool time:

If you fancy a day at the pool I would recommend the reverse pool lounge in Cascais. They do delicious cocktails brought to you in your day bed at an affordable cost.

The day bed cost’s 20 euros a day and the cocktails are around 8 euros. You can find all the costs and any more details linked on their website.

For an adventure:

If you fancy some culture and the feeling of what it’s like to be a princess for the day I would recommend getting an Uber to Sintra and visiting the main castle Pena.

The castle is simply beautiful and like something out of a Disney film as my mum and dad quoted. I felt like a princess wandering around the gorgeous castle and gardens that surrounded it. I would recommend giving yourself a day here to wander around Pena and the other surrounding castles/gardens. Bring a picnic too if possible as this is a tourist spot and food can be quite pricey.

PS –Sintra is at the top of a mountain so it’s a bit chilly – wear trainers and a jumper!

Montserrat is also a beautiful castle in Sinatra with stunning gardens and fairytale vibes!

For Instagrams: 

If you are interested in wandering around some beautiful gardens and snapping up those beautiful Instagrams I would recommend that you go to Quinta Da Regaleira.

There’s a gorgeous house that you can wander round as well as the most magical gardens with waterfalls, caves and wells that you can explore into.

For shopping:

For shopping I would recommend that you check out the LXFactory. The LXFactory is a revamped industrial estate. The shops used to be factories and warehouses which now house quaint fashion shops, coffee shops, a book shop, wine and sardines shop and much more.

I would recomend going here for the morning or afternoon. Go for lunch and then coffee and cake at Landeau – the chocolate cake is to die for! Trust me it’s amazing…

For brunch: 

For brunch I couldn’t recommend Nicolau to you enough. The food and coffee’s and smoothies were delicious. I dragged my parents along here for brunch before we headed off to the airport and we all had the most delicious meals.  They do gluten free, vegan and vegetarian offers for breakfast and you can have anything from an Acai bowl to Nutella on pancakes for breakfast.

For Dinner:

For dinner, I would highly recommend that you check out Time Out in Lisbon.

Time Out has a range of different food stalls offering different foods from seafood to pizza to custard tarts. I went with my parents to Monte Mar and had a range of seafood dishes. Monte Mar was personally my favourite food stall there and the chef’s were so friendly! They even gave us free squid rice which was to die for!

For Cocktails:

For cocktails, I would recommend Deck 7. The cocktails are delicious and affordable at around 8 euros a drink. The views are amazing too, the above picture was taken looking over at castle San Jorge which is another location I would recommend to travel too although Pena is much prettier with more to see.

Another great place for cocktails with a spectacular view over the city is the Park Bar. This is a rooftop cocktail bar which is located on top of a car park in central Lisbon!

This place was recommended to me by a local. Park Bar has chilled out vibes, good music, friendly staff and affordable drinks.

I really hope that this blog post helped anyone thinking of going to Portugal or Lisbon!

See you guys next Sunday at 6 pm!
-Lauren, XO 

PS – Check out my vlog from Portugal to see more!

Summer holiday photo diary

Hi Guys,

Recently I got back from a lovely months trip abroad with my family and best friend to Minorca which is a gorgeous Balearic island off the coast of Spain and I thought it would be nice to share some very special memories and moments with you.

I hope you enjoy this blog post!

– All pictures have been taken on an iPhone 5S!


Wild Child <3










I hope that you guys enjoyed this blog post! I had the most wonderful time on holiday with my best friend and parents.

Check back soon for a back to school blog post, I start University in September so I will be sharing some motivational and organisational tips for all of you going back to education in September! 🙂

Lauren, XO