My holiday essentials

Hi Guys,

As you read this I’m officially in Menorca, Spain sunning myself and scuba diving and I thought that I would share with you what my holiday essentials are!

These are products and items that MUST come on holiday with me that I use every day to keep myself safe from the sun whilst still being glamorously tanned and glowing.

  1. A Beach hat – beach hats are essential to keep the sun off your face whilst looking glamorous and totally instagramable!
  2. Protection Spray For Your Hair – Having coloured hair I know how important it is to protect your hair from the sun, the pool and the sea so I use this Charles Worthington leave in sun protection spray to help keep my hair in a good condition whilst on holiday or out in the sun!
  3. A Pool Float – This is a must to be the coolest gal in the pool on holiday. I love all of the fun pool floats that I’m seeing on Instagram right now! This flamingo one was from Primark for £10! Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram to see me posing on my flamingo pool float!
  4. A Glowing Body Oil – I love this body oil from The Body Shop because it’s non-greasy and affordable with amazing effects! I love using shimmering body oil’s on holiday because it brings out your gorgeous tan even more.
  5. A Tinted Moisturiser – if you are or aren’t going away this year then Garnier’s summer body moisturiser is great for you! It adds a slow build up tint of tan to your body whilst being a thick and luxurious moisturiser that sinks in quick. I love this product enough to call it a holy grail product of mine – I simply can’t live without it in the summer time to keep my tan topped up!
  6. A Moisturising Face Mist – No one likes being hot, sweaty and flustered on holiday so I always like to carry around a face mist to soothe my hot and sweaty face. Right now I’m loving Garnier’s ‘moisture bomb’ face mist. It’s a light spray with a fruity scent that is under 100ml meaning you can take it on holiday and in your beach bag without it taking up too much room either!
  7. A SPF Lip Balm – When going out in the sun a lot of people forget that your lips can burn too so I always make sure to carry around an SPF lip balm in order to keep my lips soft and plump in case of any summer romances… 😉 I love this one by Kiehl’s because it is a rich balm with SPF 15!
  8. Hands are important too – Next, I like to use a hand cream to again keep my hands nice and soft. Not included in the pictures above but I like to always keep a hand sanitizer and cream in my bag as the beach can be a dirty and drying place for your skin so it’s important to cleanse and moisturise your hands regularly.
  9. SPF SPF SPF – My next essential is a face SPF. SPF is so important as it protects your skin from ageing and the possibility of skin cancer. I make sure to always apply my SPF regularly and I love this one from Clinique – It’s SPF 4o, non-greasy and lightweight!
  10. Last but no least – Body SPF, I like this one from Hawaiin Tropic – It’s a spray oil making it easy with an added bonus of giving your skin a beautiful glowing sheen.

A few last tips to last you through summer;

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Fruit is better than ice cream – You won’t bloat and you WILL keep your summer body
  • Take lots of Instagrams no matter where you are as long as the sun in shining 
  • Follow the #LaurenVacays to keep up to date with my adventures this summer! 

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post on my Summer Essentials

Please let me know your summer essentials in the comments below and don’t forget to follow the hashtag #LaurenVacays to keep up to date with my summer adventures 

See you next Sunday at 6 pm! 

– Lauren, XO 

What I eat in a day

Hi Guys,

I haven’t done a what I eat in a day in a while and you guys seem to like it so I’m back with a what I eat ‘summer’ edition. Summer is when I’m most motivated to eat healthier, the sun is shining and warm comfort food isn’t needed – instead, it’s all about salads, fruit and frozen yoghurt!



To DrinkCoffee with Coconut Milk

To EatRachels Lemon Yogurt, Tesco super berry granola, Raspberries, Strawberries. 



To Drink- Lemon and tropical squash Water

To eat – Roasted pepper, quinoa, garlic mushrooms, crumbled low fat feta



To Drink- Coffee with Coconut Milk

To eat – Biona rice cakes with hazelnut spread with some raspberries 



To Drink- Virtue ‘lemon and lime’sparkling water

To eat – Cod with a parsley crumble, broccoli and tomatoes. 

The recipe used –

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I’ve been eating recently to stay healthy and that it motivates you to stay healthy ready for the summer!

See you guys next Sunday at 6 pm!

– Lauren, XO 

A day in the life: Digital Marketing Student


8 AM – My alarm goes off on my phone.

I normally spend and limit myself to ten minutes in bed to check social media and wake myself up a bit before getting out of bed.

8:10 –  The first thing I do is go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face, brush my hair and put in my contact lenses

8:15 – Now’s the time to make myself look more awake then I feel! I normally straighten my hair and don’t do anything special with my makeup as I don’t have time so a simple winged eyeliner look with some kind of daring lipstick is my go to.

8:40 –  I would love to be one of those people who organises their outfit the night before but English weather can be so unpredictable so I always pick my outfit in the morning – my typical uni day outfit is smart casual. I usually wear a nice blouse, jeans and some boots.

8:50 – Time to make breakfast. My typical breakfast is Rachel’s Lemon Yogurt, Waitrose granola and some berries. This is a healthy breakfast that keeps me going throughout the day – I also have some coffee with this of course!

“First I drink coffee and then I do things”

9:00 – I now normally spend 40 minutes watching YouTube, eating my breakfast and drinking my coffee before making my way to my university building for a lecture or presentation to my fellow classmates and occasionally important brands/companies

 – Time for University. My morning can consist of either a lecture with one of my lecturers or prepping for a presentation in the afternoon.

Currently, my typical morning would consist of researching into a report that’s due soon and prepping for my weekly presentation to my fellow class mates and Red Bee Media.

12:30 PM – Lunch time. Normally I’ve made my lunch at home the night or morning before in order to save money and make sure that I have a healthy lunch.

I get an hour for lunch where I normally eat my lunch and hang out with my fellow classmates and we discuss how the morning has gone.

13:30 – Back to work. In the afternoon I will either have another lecture, presentation or work on my latest report that is due in.

17:00 – Time to head home.

I normally have half an hour to fourth five minutes where I lay on my bed and check my phone and have a snack of some kind before I head off to the gym for a workout

17:50 – My gym is about a ten-minute walk away and I normally workout for around an hour before heading home to cook dinner.

19:00 – Time to cook dinner. I’m a pescetarian meaning that I don’t eat meat and only fish. Head over to my what I eat in a day to see the typical meals of a pescetarian – I try my best to eat a healthy and balanced meal.

I’ll normally take my food back to my room and eat it whilst watching a Netflix show of some kind and if not I’ll sit down and eat it with my flatmates whilst watching TV.

20:00 – I’ve normally eaten my dinner now and watched an episode or two or a Netflix show. I will now probably grab some kind of sweet treat to nibble on whilst I watch some more Netflix shows for the next two hours and a half.

22:30 – Now is the time I will start to settle down and get ready for bed.

I’ll take a shower, brush my teeth, put on some skincare, get changed into my pyjamas and scroll on my phone for a little bit.

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post.

It was something a little bit different for me but I thought it would be nice to show you an insight into what it’s like to study digital marketing and/or be a uni student. 

See you guys soon with a completely new look! I can’t wait! 

– Lauren, XO

The best subscription box for students

Hi Guys,

Recently the Unibox got in touch with me and offered me their exam survival box. I was very intrigued as to what the uni box is. There are so many different subscription box’s out there for fashion, beauty, food etc but there are none in the market for students by students?

I thought that this box sounded great and like something that I would be interested so I purchased the Uni Box from their website and eagerly awaited the arrival of it!

PSthis box would make the perfect gift for university students – hint hint family!

Here is some information on what the Unibox is and how it works first of all;

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 14.27.45

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 14.28.10Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 14.27.31

– Above pictures belong to the uni box website 

You can pay monthly, prepay three months or prepay 6 months. I am personally on the monthly subscription but you can choose whichever one you like.

The exam survival Box: 


The first thing that I saw when I opened the box was a quote that says “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” I love this motivating quote to help you get by during exam season. There was also a magazine with some exam tips and brain-boosting recipes.


“Just get on with it notepad – I love this notepad. I’m 100% a stationary nerd so I can’t wait to have this on my desk and use it to jot down my to-do lists!


“Seba Med cleansing bar”  – I am yet to try this but I can’t wait. It’s a facial soap which aims at getting rid of pimples, blackheads and skin impurities. Perfect for those pesky stress-related skin problems that can occur around exam time!


Space Masks Intersetlla Relaxion Eye Mask – I am yet to try this face mask but I can’t wait to try it! The idea of a relaxing eye mask sounds get to me as recently I haven’t been sleeping as well as I would like to so I’m excited to try these masks out!


Conscious water capsules – I’ve never tried any kind of natural supplements or water treatments so I’m excited to try these natural energy and mind boosting capsules!

IMG_3163‘Virtue sparkling energy water in the flavour lemon and lime’ – I’m excited to try this energy water. It sounds delicious – especially since it is 0 calories with no sugar, sweeteners or preservatives. IMG_3164

Nim’s pineapple crisps – I’ve previously tried dried apple crisps and vegetable crisps and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them so I’m excited to try these tropical pineapple crisps. IMG_3166

Nature creative salted caramel bar – This sounds like a delicious snack that I can’t wait to have mid-study break with a coffee. I love flapjacks and especially when they’re packed with protein seeing as I’m a vegetarian. IMG_3165

‘Rawcha cacoa and goji bar’ – This sounds yummy. I’ve previously tried cacoa & goji related food items and enjoyed them so this should be delicious! IMG_3169

Rescue plus throat sweets in the flavour orange and elderflower‘ – Next time I’m ill I can’t wait to try these. Throat sweets always seem to taste gross but orange and elderflower sound quite delicious. Hopefully, I won’t be using these until winter time!

How much does the uni box cost?

One month – £24.99 + P&P

Three month – £23.98 + P&P

Six month – £22.50 + P&P

Where can I subscribe?

You can subscribe to the uni box via their website – >

My university experience and tips

Hi Guys,

Today’s post is all about my personal university experience. I’m going to tell you everything from writing my personal statement to 6 months on in my course.

Applying for university can but such an exciting and scary time in your life. I remember around this time last year when I was planning my personal statement thinking; Am I ready for university, is this the right decision for me, am I smart enough, will I get home sick and hate it and want to drop out? So many thoughts were flying around in my head as I thought about the whole idea of going to university and whether it was the right decision for me.

Here are a few tips for applying for University;

  • Make your personal statement stand out

This is something that you will be fed up of hearing by the time that you complete your personal statement but it’s so important to make yourself be bold and stand out.  The admissions teams at university’s read thousands and thousands of generic personal statement every day. The different between a generic and unique personal statement could be the difference between a conditional and unconditional offer! Tell them your hobbies, what you’re good at, what you enjoy and where you have traveled! 

  • Do your research into courses 

–  Really look into a range of courses and universities across the country. There are so many courses with similar names at different universities but they all have something slightly different which you might prefer 

  • Make sure that you go and visit the University and meet the tutors on the courses that you’re interested in

Sometimes the courses are completely different online as to what the tutors tell you and show you they are. For example, I went to see one media course in Edinburgh and I was disappointed to see that the university didn’t even have all of the latest equipment of software such as macs and adobe which a fast moving media course should have, the lecturers were uninterested and the course was too theoretical based when I understood it was half and half. 

  • Remember that no course or University is perfect

–  You probably aren’t going to like every single aspect of a course or University but the idea is to find a course and university to have more pros than cons. This may seem over the top but it’s not a bad idea to make a pros and cons list of your favourite Universities and courses in order to help you narrow your choices down to 5 or 3 courses. 

  • Don’t be nervous about interviews

– The lecturers are normally very kind and just as nervous as you are about the interviews. The interviews are also a good opportunity to practice your interview techniques for future jobs when you graduate. 

Make sure you dress smart, speak clearly and lock eye contact with the person interviewing you. The difference between a conditional and unconditional offer all depends on your confidence, open body language and knowledge. 

  • Don’t miss deadlines!

– Deadlines are so important to not miss! If you miss a deadline then you have instantly set a bad impression upon the university. The saying first comes first serve and you snooze you loose are very relevant when it comes to the university. 

The sooner you send in your personal statement or apply for your no 1 accommodation the better chance you have of succeeding. 

Check out Which’s website for more useful information on applying for university! 

– Their site really helped me with advice and behind the scenes information when I was applying for university! 

Don’t be nervous or worried about applying for University. It’s such an exciting time and experience in your life that you will remember forever. Just make sure you choose the right course and don’t miss your deadlines and you will be fine!

A year ago I never thought that I would make it or even want to go to University thanks to various people looking down upon me but look at me now. I’m studying a degree at Birmingham City University on an unconditional offer. I got 5 out of 5 offers including two unconditional offers! I saw what I wanted and I worked my butt off to achieve it – make sure that you do the same and reach for your dreams!

Good Luck to everyone currently applying to University – If you have any questions please contact me via my social media pages or comment below.

– Lauren, XO

Why it’s good to have a social media detox

Hi guys,

Whilst my blog was getting redesigned I took the opportunity to have a detox from social media. Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram and Twitter but sometime’s it’s good to take a step back and a break from social media.

We spend an average of 60% of our day scrolling through social media spying on what other people get up to, getting jealous and judging others. I don’t get many negative or spiteful comments but the odd few that I get from followers, friends and sometimes even my family too can take a strain on you. There’s only so much you can take before you snap and react which will always make the situation worse.

Taking a social media detox was personally so good for me because when I came back from my detox I realised that I hadn’t missed social media all that much at all. A detox and a step back also made me realise that other people’s jealousy and spitefulness isn’t my issue and that it’s theirs.

Why don’t you try taking a detox from social media because I can promise you that the grass is greener on the other side and after a few days you will realise how little you miss social media and the negativity that can sometimes come with it.

See you guys next Sunday at 6pm

– Lauren, xo

My 20th Birthday

Hi Guys,

On the 2nd of January, I turned 20 years old! For my birthday my parents took me to a lovely Michelin Star restaurant in the Hilton hotel overlooking Hyde Park followed by cocktails at Selfridges ‘Forest On The Roof’ and shopping.

Birthday Selfie




Speak Soon,

Lauren – XO

2017 New Years Resolutions

Hi guys,

Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely evening and I hope that 2017 brings you lots of happiness and success.

I thought I would share with you my new year’s resolutions in order to help you or inspire you for some resolutions of your own.

Resolution 1: – Drink more water

This was last years resolution too that I did achieve to an extent but I believe that this year I can drink even more water than I did daily in 2016.

I definitely drink too many fizzy drinks and squash at University so I would love to replace that with water.

Resolution 2: – Eat healthier snacks with less refined sugar

I’m so bad at having chocolate or cake with my coffee break at 3pm. This year’s goal is to have snacks with less refined sugar and calories.

Resolution 3: – Eat healthier in smaller portions 

Since moving to University I’m so bad at portioning my meals and I end up eating large portions instead of wasting food. This year I want to plan and portion my food better in order to waste less food and keep healthy.

Resolution 4: – Excercise at least three times a week 

Withing the last few months running up to Christmas I was doing so well at going to the gym regularly until deadlines got in the way. This year I plan to workout three days a week on my own and do a good workout. I really want to push myself in order to get fitter for the summer.

Resolution 5: – Get a new hobby

University or school can take up a lot of your life. I would love to get a hobby such as pottery making, cooking, dancing etc that I can do in between studies and socialising.

A hobby would be something I do for me to give my brain a rest from thinking about digital marketing and blogging as much as I love both.

Resolution 6: – I want to learn to love myself 

In the past two years I have come on so well in my overall confidence but I can do better.

This year I plan on working out to get my fitness up, dressing in much higher quality fashion pieces and trying out more makeup styles in order to help me with my self-confidence.

I hope this post helped you guys out if you’re struggling for new years resolution ideas or you’re just nosey and want to see what my resolutions are!

I’ll see you Sunday for my Birthday blog post! I’ll be uploading a photo diary of what I got up to as well as a ‘What I got for my birthday’ blog post.

Speak Soon,

Lauren – xo

Christmas Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY

Hi guys,

With just over 3 weeks until Christmas, I’m here to help you with gift buying for him or her so below are 6 of my favourite gift sets for him or her! I’ve picked a range of both luxurious and affordable gifts!

For her:

– (In order of most expensive to most affordable) 

White company ‘winter’ scent gift set – £55


This works ‘bedtime’ gift set – £30 


Benefit ‘Dandelion Wishes’ gift set – £22.95


Ted baker ‘Treasure Tools’ brush set – £20.00


Nails Inc ‘Candy Cane’ gift set – £10


Sanctuary ‘Jar of delights’ – £10


For him:

– (In order of most expensive to most affordable) 

Sekonda Black Leather Watch & Cufflinks Gift Set – £49.99


Ted Baker XO EDT Fragrance – £37.50


Kit sound universal portable Bluetooth speaker – £19.99


Percy Nobleman Beard Grooming Kit – £26.99


The classic comic colouring book – £9.99


Star Wars Light Change Mug – £7.99


GIVEAWAY! img_9204


Thanks for checking out my latest blog post and good luck in the giveaway! 

– Lauren, XO

Christmas Wish-List

Hi Guys,

It’s quickly approaching Christmas which means it’s time to start hinting to your friends, family or boyfriend about what you really want for Christmas…

I thought it would be a nice idea to show you what is on my wishlist this year to give you a few ideas for what to buy your girlfriends or possible gifts for yourself if you’re struggling to find something special.


Included above;

Fujifilm white Instax camera

Vans floral old school trainers for women 

Starbucks Christmas candy cane mug

Iphone 7 – rose gold 

Louis Vuitton ‘neverfull GM’ bag

Kate spade ‘Cameroon street’ purse