BIRCHBOX June Haul + Review

Hey Guys, 

I love Birchbox and they’re a company that I one day aspire to be a Digital Marketer for. They seem like such a fun, creative, inspiring and modern company whom I would love to be a part of. Not only are they a really cool company but of course their monthly boxes are amazing! They’re such an affordable monthly box of beauty treats for us beauty addicts.

Birchbox offers such an easy service.

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C.Y.O. Review

Hey Guys, 

Last week I popped into boots to pick up my favorite liquid eyeliner which is the Soap and Glory Super Cat liner. Realistically I NEVER come out of Boots with just one item. I always get distracted and spend more than expected… don’t we all?!

I spotted a new makeup brand in boots that I’ve never seen before! I decided to purchase a few bits which looked interesting and review the brand for you guys!

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Rate or Hate?

Hi Guys,

As always I’ve been trying out and testing some new products recently. There’s some products that I’ve been really loving lately but also a few that I haven’t been loving so I decided to review them and give you guys my thoughts to either love too or avoid disappointment!

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Benefits new ‘Bad Gal Bang’ mascara review

Hello Everybody,

I hope that you’re all having a lovely day or Sunday if you’re reading this blog post live!

If you don’t already know, Benefit have done it again and released a new ‘wow‘ product.  They have redesigned Bad Gal mascarahe which is an all-time favourite product for me and many other bloggers. They’ve relaunched it with a ‘big bang‘. The new mascara includes a boost of volume and lengthening qualities.





“NEW BADgal BANG! volumising mascara gives your lashes 36-hours of full-blast volume. Its gravity-defying formula layers easily for bigger and badder impact without weighing them down. There’s no other mascara like it on earth!” 

– Benefit



I’ve always been an avid fan of Benefit Cosmetics. When I was 19 I got the Benefit advent calendar for Christmas and I received my first ever Benefit product from my Auntie when I was just 14. I love the packaging, the lightweight feel, price and effectiveness of their products.

I’ve always loved all of Benefits mascaras although ‘Bad Gal‘ was always my favourite as I’m a fan of fluttery volumising lashes. Length has never been an issue for me as I was luckily born with voluminous lashes. I love this mascara more than Bad Gal and I wasn’t sure that that would be possible!



Without Mascara // With Mascara

The Badgal Bang promises a water resistant and smudge proof mascara with out of this world volume without weighing down your lashes. I can definitely see the difference that this mascara makes without feeling like I’m wearing that heavy feeling.

4D93FE50-46B4-4DE1-9D6F-7C97BC4F1DA9This mascara is affordable too costing £21.50 for a full size or £10.50 for a mini size! It is available now from all cosmetics store such as Boots, Debenhams and John Lewis.

I would highly recommend that you go and try it! If you’re unsure then treat yourself to the mini which is available from boots and test it out!


Find out more about Benefits new mascara HERE

Has anyone else had a chance to test out Benefit’s Badgal Bang mascara yet? What were your thoughts – I would love to know?!

See you guys next Sunday at 6pm for a new blog post!

– Lauren, xo 

Beauty Haul

Hey guys,

Recently I’ve been in need of a new cleanser and one item turned into a large beauty haul of treats and cult products. I asked if you would all like to see what I hauled and you all said yes, please!

I’ve had some money leftover from my birthday and there’s been a few products on my list that I’ve been desperate to try and so I finally invested in them. I will link all of the products along with a short review.




The first place I ordered from was my all time favourite The Body Shop. There have been a few cult products on my list to try for such a long time.



The first products was one that my favourite blogger Amelia Liana always talked about. The Camomile Cleansing Oil is a cult product amongst many bloggers and it’s safe to say that the product is worth the hype.

I get excited to remove my makeup every night now just so that I can use this luxurious and light cleansing oil. It has a very light oil with a non-offensive floral smell. I was worried about using an oil cleanser on my face as my skin can occasionally be oily but this cleanser was such a light texture that my skin simply drunk up the oil if anything.

I used this cleanser on my eyes and had no irritation whatsoever so if like me you have sensitive skin and eyes this is the perfect cleanser. The cleanser simply melts away your makeup making makeup remover before bed easy, fast and enjoyable.




The next product that I’m going to talk about is the drops of light eye cream. This eye cream has a very light and creamy texture. It is applied by using a metal iron like tool to massage the cream under your eyes.

The scent is non-offensive and after a week’s worth of daily use, I really did notice a difference in my dark bags. I love using this product – the application is so cooling and satisfying to use under the eye area. The only negative thing that I would say about this product is the price as I personally feel like £22 is a little pricey, although well worth the cost I must admit.




Thirdly I purchased myself the Liquid Youth Peel which again is a cult product amongst bloggers and I remember a fellow blogger that I followed mentioning this product and reviewing it. I instantly added this cult product to my basket in anticipation to try it myself.

This product is a creamy gel that you massage into your skin for 20 seconds and as you do so you can feel your dead skin simply rub off. It is a bit vile to use but also very satisfying to feel and see your dead skin peel off. I would highly recommend purchasing it and adding it to your skincare routine. I will be using this weekly!


The final product is one that I treated my Mum too. As a Body Shop member, I got a £5 voucher for my birthday so I treated my Mum to the coconut hand a lip gift set as she adores coconut!

PRICE: £6 (No longer sold/stocked online)

I recently did an Instagram story where I live tested and reviewed this the Liquid Youth Peel and Camomile Cleanser so head over to @Laurenblogs to watch that!



Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 12.23.47

Next up I popped into Primark. My Mum came to visit me for the weekend and I wanted to get us some face masks to try. I was actually in Primark looking for summer bits and I came across these face masks which looked interesting.

I am yet to try these face masks so I can’t review them but for £1.50 you can’t go too wrong! Hopefully, my skin reacts okay – I will review them over on my Instagram stories soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!



Can we just take a moment… *Insert Hallelujah* 

Okay, moment over. This product has been on my wishlist for FOREVER. I just couldn’t justify spending so much money on a cleanser but I’m so glad that I gave in and purchased this.

Ocado recently had an offer where you could purchase the Emma Hardy cleanser for £39, cleansing cloths for £15 then you would get a Prep and Prime for free. Obviously, this justified purchasing this amazing cult product for me…

The cleanser is just an all around WOW product. The rich and smooth oil smells luxuriously spa-like and melts away makeup with no trouble at all. I have tried this with waterproof mascara and it also removes that with ease. I use this cleanser when I am wearing a little more makeup or as a treat on weekends.




The final product is another WOW product that I treated myself to this birthday month. I say treated but a family friendly kindly gave me a £30 John Lewis voucher which made this luxurious body lotion cost me £10 only!

I am yet to use this product as I am awaiting the perfume to match. I left all of my duty-free on our flight to Antigua due to my jet-lagged brain and so my parents will be repurchasing it for me on their next holiday to Malaysia. Alright for some hey…

I am so excited to use this product and match it to the perfume so I smell beautiful in the summer.

PRICE: £40  LINKconsenting-hearts-black-divider

See you guys next Sunday at 6pm for a new blog post

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My Valentines Day Look

Hi Guys,

With Valentines Day coming up I thought I would show you what I would be wearing this Valentine’s Day if I had a date and was going out to celebrate!

I hope this gives you some inspiration and top tips!

What are you all doing for valentines? I would love to know in the comments below!

See you guys next Sunday at 6pm


Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 15.29.00

Makeup LINKED:

Chanel Vitalumier Aqua foundation, Bobbie Brown Evening Glow eyeshadow palette – shade Rose Glow, Maybelline ‘The Lift Volume Express Mascara”, Sephora eyelash curlers, L’oreal ‘True Match” powder, Benefit 24 hour brow setter, Revlon bronzer in the shade – Bronzilla 012, Nars Orgasm blush, Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk lip matte lipstick, L’oreal “pure gold” lipstick, L’oreal Infallible makeup setting spray.


Makeup Look:

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 16.20.44

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 16.21.51


Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 16.19.49

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 16.15.22

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 16.12.15


New Year – New You

Hey Guys,

This new year I plan on looking out for myself a little bit more. I’m not talking about being selfish but I’m instead talking about looking out for your mental health and well being. It’s so vital that you look after yourself first as your own well being is so is the most important!

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 15.28.51

I was recently sent an infographic and article all about sleep and how badly your brain and beauty can be affected by lack of sleep.

The idea of ‘getting your beauty sleep’ may sound old-fashioned but modern science says beauty sleep is as real as it gets and sleeping helps the look of your appearance.


Some of my own tips for getting to sleep include:

Use a lavender or soothing scented pillow spray or oil


IMG_0010Light a candle and turn on fairy lights

IMG_4118Don’t go on your phone an hour before bed

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 14.57.53.png

Read a book

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 10.38.11.png

Take 10 deep breaths before you sleep


I’m sure that you’ve all heard of Calm

Calm is an app which offers meditation for a range of mental health struggles such as anxiety and sleep. I find it very relaxing before bed to remind me to breathe and cleanse my mind of overthinking. 

Use an eye mask

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 14.42.43

This eye mask was from Bath and Body works with a Christmas gift pack offer. 

Get into a sleep schedule


Pillow Talk app records your sleep schedule and any sleep talking that you may also do! 

Most importantly this app helps your body by reminding you when to go to sleep and sets alarms that naturally wake you up when it is the correct.  You can also set your alarm and be woken naturally. For example, I am slowly awoken by the sound of tweeting bird which gradually gets louder. 

 If you don’t get enough sleep you are 6% less healthy, 4% less attractive to others and of course 19% more tired then you would be with the correct amount of sleep. Sleep really does affect your looks and well-being.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 15.30.59.png

In order to get more and better sleep in order to improve your well-being it is recommended that you follow this simple routine;

Moisturise your skin – This is the best time for your skin to absorb moisturiser. Moisturiser application is also a great way to relax as you can massage it into your skin an hour before sleep.

Sleep on your back – Sleeping on your back has been scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles as well as controlling your breathing in order to give you a much deeper sleep. I’ll definitely be trying out this tip!

Hydrate –  Try and drink lots of water always but especially when you wake up as this is when you’re most dehydrated and the water will help to wake you up as well as giving your skin that natural glow that everyone always wants.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 15.37.42.png

I hope these tips help you to get a much better sleep!

Sleep if my favourite party of the day if I’m honest. I’ve always loved my sleep and I would much rather spend my evenings snuggled in bed then going out clubbing.

I always feel so much better after a good nights rest and you will too.

See you soon,

– Lauren, xo

Christmas with Blow LTD

Hi guys,

With the Christmas party season coming up I thought that It would be helpful to produce a blog post that includes three different hair, makeup and outfit looks! This blog post is kindly in collaboration with Blow LTD!




Look 1: Casual


Jumper, Skirt, Heels, Earrings 

Look 2: Work party




Earrings, Top, Skirt, Tights, Heels, Handbag

Look 3: Friends party



Top, Skirt,Tights,Clutch Bag, Heels

Look 4: Family party


Dress, Tights, Shoes

Have a lovely Christmas everyone and I hope this blog post inspires you with some Christmas party looks! 


See you soon,

– Lauren, XO

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to do this blog post although it is in Partnership with Blow LTD. They kindly offered to help me with this blog post by doing my hair and makeup looks!


My Halloween Look

Hi Guys,

Halloween is one oy favourite holidays of the year as I love all things creepy and I like to think of myself a little edgy at times.

This year I dressed up as Caroline from the vampire diaries. She’s organised, confident, a great group leader, sassy, smart, gorgeous and occasionally edgy! I can try and pull that off right?!


So let’s talk through this years Halloween look;



Foundation, Brows, Eyeshadow, Mascara, Bronzer, Blush, Highlighter, Lipstick, Blood



Bodycon: H&M  Skirt: H&M Tights: New Look Heels: Amazon 

See you guys next Sunday at 6pm for a new blog post!

– Lauren, XO

Autumn/Winter pamper routine

Hi Guys,

I haven’t done a routine blog post before and seeing as Autumn is my favourite time to get cosy and motivated I thought that I would share with you my Sunday routine.

This routine helps me to get prepared for the week ahead and enjoy some cosy pampering too!


Time for some pampering: I like to start off my Sunday by having a bubble bath and taking some time to pamper my skin, body and mind. A bubble bath really helps me with this as I like to lay in the bath with a face mask, book and soothing scents.

Bath time is the time where I like to reflect on this week positives and negatives, detox my skin and prepare my body and mind for the week ahead.

Skincare: When it comes to my skincare in Autumn/Winter I like to use a lot of moisturising products. At the moment I’m loving the Moisture Bomb moisturiser from Garnier alongside with a lip balm from The Body Shop!

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 09.34.07


Early Night: Before bed, I like to apply some essentials. This includes lip balm, hand cream and a pillow spray. Recently I’m loving The Body Shop’s NEW Pumpkin Spiced Lattee. It’s the perfect deep nourishing and spicy smelling hand cream!

Lip balm is another key essential for me in winter as my skin dries out so much at this time of year sadly! EOS lip balms are a great one to keep your lips soft and plump!

Time for bed: I am always a granny when it comes to my sleep. I like going to bed early and getting as much sleep as I can. I am definitely not a night owl and I especially enjoy an early night on Sunday to make sure that I am ready for the week ahead.

See you next Sunday for a new blog post. 

– Lauren, XO