C.Y.O. Review

Hey Guys, 

Last week I popped into boots to pick up my favorite liquid eyeliner which is the Soap and Glory Super Cat liner. Realistically I NEVER come out of Boots with just one item. I always get distracted and spend more than expected… don’t we all?!

I spotted a new makeup brand in boots that I’ve never seen before! I decided to purchase a few bits which looked interesting and review the brand for you guys!

I’ve done my research and C.Y.O. are from New York City. They’re an affordable makeup brand who encourage you to push boundaries with makeup. Whether that’s experimenting with colors or bold looks!

Below you will find my BOLD look as well as a review of all the products that I purchased and tested out…

What did I purchase?

From C.Y.O. I purchased;, ‘The thick of it’ – Volumising Mascara – £6, ‘Crushing On Metal’ eyeshadow – £4.50, ‘Medium’ cover up concealer – £5″ and finally a lipstick in the shade ‘Sleepover’ – £4. 

My thoughts…

The mascara: 

Like most drugstore mascaras, I found this to be a little clumpy as you can see from the image above. I always seem to struggle to find a mascara that nicely separates my lashes and doesn’t clump up. Despite this, I love the length and volume that this mascara gives and with a little work you can use the wand to separate our your lashes and brush out clumps.

The length on this mascara gives that false fluttery lash effect which I love. It doesn’t feel heavy to wear and it doesn’t smudge under my eyes like most mascaras. The lasting power was very impressive too as I usually find myself touching my mascara up but this lasted a good six hours. I didn’t curl my lashes and this mascara gave and held a natural-looking curl.

I would recommend checking this mascara out and for £6 you can’t really go wrong? right! 

The eyeshadow: 

First of all the texture and look of the compressed eyeshadow looks amazing! I love the rippled effect that the eyeshadow has and second of all, I swatched this in store and WOW! For such an affordable eyeshadow the pigmentation is pretty good.

It’s buttery and easy to apply although the only downside is that without a primer this didn’t last too well on me. It lasted a good two hours before I noticed that it had kind of disappeared. This is a shame as the pigmentation was so impressive but maybe if I try it with a primer it will work better.

I would still highly recommend trying this because for £4.50 it’s such good quality and you can’t complain too much at small imperfections. 

The concealer: 

I applied this concealer to any red spots on my face such as under my eyes, my nose and my chin. I tried using a brush but a finger worked best for application due to its creamy texture.

I felt like this concealer did cake a little under the eyes due to its butter-like texture. However, on my nose and chin, it stayed on pretty well, didn’t cake or crease. It blends out very nicely and the colour match was perfect for me.

I would recommend this although personally, I feel like there are better alternatives out there such as the cult concealer from collection which is only £3.99 or the soap and glory one. This concealer cost me £5 and I won’t be repurchasing it. 

The Lipstick: 

A £4 creamy matte lipstick with beautiful matte black packaging? How could I resist trying this!I love this lipstick and not only because it matches my pink hair perfectly but because it’s such a beautiful pale Barbie pink colour.

This is a beautiful shade for summer and because it’s matte it’s staying power is pretty good. It lasted a good 3 hours on me before needing a touch-up. When I swatched it in the store it was still on my hand hours later. I tested the lasting power out by eating a sandwich and it survived – woo! Like all matte lipsticks it is slightly drying but nothing that a lip balm overnight won’t fix.

I would highly recommend getting this lipstick and I will be going back for more shades because I’m in love with the texture and price tag. For £6 it’s amazing and possibly my new favourite lipstick? Sorry NYC butter glosses. 

The finished look…

I will definitely be hitting up my local C.YO counter again and trying out some new bits. This is possibly my new favourite affordable drugstore brand – how exciting! Sorry NYX and Soap & Glory! I still love you too…

Please let me know if you guys try anything out and tell me what your thoughts are in the comments below.

I love hearing from you all!

Lots of love, Lauren – xo 

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