£500 Boots Haul*

I’ve been meaning to do this blog post since about May but life has a habit of getting in the way. My life has been crazy busy recently since I finished University, went scuba diving for six weeks, got a new boyfriend and started applying for my dream jobs.

Disclaimer: Boots kindly sent me £500 worth of points to spend on treats so I didn’t purchase these items myself but I am under no obligation to post about any of these items. I am very grateful to Boots and loved spending the points on treats for myself. 

Without further ado, enjoy! This is a long blog post so get comfy, snuggle up and grab a hot drink!

So what did I treat myself to?

First up I treated my skin to some treats from one of my favourite drugstore brands, Champneys. Champneys is a spa range which is sold in Boots for an affordable price. I saw the ‘well-earned treat’ / ‘summer dream’ range and decided to test it out as I do deserve a treat for finishing University with a very good grade.

This range smells comforting and floral with notes of peonies and patchouli. I love the pale pink and gold packaging too of course! The scrub really does stick to your skin and exfoliate it which is perfect pre-shave. The moisturizer sinks in fast and has a light creamy texture. The two together are perfect for silky smooth legs.

Bubble bath

Shower gel 

Body lotion

Body scrub

Next up is a Ted Baker treat. Another body care treat but these were purchased to take away for the weekend of my god sisters wedding. I also purchased my mum the same gift set. Firstly, I loved the peony print makeup bag and secondly, I loved the pink and rose gold packaging. I give into packaging so easily which as a marketer I should know better!

Saying this, the products lived up to their beautiful packaging. The products have a beautiful floral scent with good quality products. The hand and body creams sank in fast so I didn’t have to stand around feeling sticky, the lip balm moisturised my lips again without a sticky texture and the body wash (used up and not photographed) was delightful and worked well as a bubble bath gel too!

Ted Baker gift set (Similar)

Ted Baker cosmetics bag

Ted Baker hand cream

Ted Baker lip balm

The Loreal Cushion Magique foundation has been something that I’ve wanted to test out for a long time. I haven’t purchased it because I am still to use up a whole drawer full of different foundation shades but seeing as I had £500 worth of points to spend, I treated myself.

I am yet to use this so sadly I can’t review it but from swatches, it seems to be a lovely medium coverage foundation that I’m eager to test out on my upcoming trip to the Caribbean. It will be a perfect everyday medium coverage foundation.

Loreal Cushion Magique foundation

CYO cosmetics is a new brand that I recently discovered in Boots. Their beautiful packaging and bright stand drew me in and interested me in testing out their brand. I liked the message behind their brand which is “Say no to normal. Yes to experimental. No to limits. Yes to more for less. Mix. Remix. Your way” this is a great and positive message to spread, one that I fully agree with.

I picked up the Mascara and concealer initially to try and honestly I was blown again. considering the very affrdable price, I loved the quality of the products.  You can find my review of CYO cosmetics HERE.

The thick of it’ – Volumising Mascara

‘Medium’ cover up concealer 

I’ve always loved YSL and not only for their beautiful gold luxurious packaging. The YSL Touche Eclat primer has always been on my wish list. It has actual gold flakes in it and claims to brighten up your complexion pre-makeup.

Seeing as I have £500 worth of points to spend I decided to treat myself finally. I was not disappointed, this primer really does give my skin a glow from within look and keeps my makeup in place all day. It’s well worth the luxurious price tag and I’ve realised I can’t live without this. I will 100% repurchase this now that I’m converted.

I have previously tired the YSL Touche Eclat under eye concealer so I decided to repurchase myself one. It’s perfect for brightening up dark under eye bags. I love it as I struggle with dark bags no matter how much sleep I get.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat blur primer 30ml

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Highlighting Pen

This shaving gel is one that I’ve heard Josie from Fashion Mumblr talk about. If you have followed me for a while then you will know that my cult favourite shaving gel is the Loccitane Almond Oil. It gives me legs that feel as soft as silk but it isn’t exactly afford to repurchase often at £36 for 100ml. I will normally treat myself every time I go through duty-free which lately has been every few months – lucky for me.

I wanted to try an alternative shaving gel saying this because I won’t always be lucky enough to go through duty-free or ask my parents to get some for me. When Josie mentioned how good this shaving gel was and that it only costs £2 I knew I had to try it. Not only is it affordable but it also just as good as the almond oil that I love.

My legs still feel silky smooth after applying this thick mouse like shaving gel. It smells delicious and luxurious with notes of vanilla. For £2.33 I can’t recommend this enough – seriously, thank you, Josie!

Gillette Satin Care & Olay Women’s Shaving Gel Vanilla Cashmere 200ml

Next up is a Chanel haul! The best hauls let’s be honest…

Some of these products are repurchases and some are new things that I’ve always wanted to try. 

First up is one of the first products that I was ever sent to review. If you’re a follower from the start then you will remember me reviewing this mascara when it launched. This is the Chanel Volume De Chanel mascara and it was modelled by Kristen Stewart. It is AMAZING and I love it.

It costs around £25 but honestly, I love it. I always believed that I was happy with drugstore mascaras but I’m totally converted now. I always believe that you get what you pay for and this mascara lives up to that. this mascara gives you long and voluminous lashes without making them look fake or clumpy.

Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara

This is a cult product amongst bloggers. The Soleil Tan De Chanel is a mouse like textured bronzer which is easily applied and blended out for either an everyday or an evening look.

It’s easy for everyone to apply whether you’re a beginner or a pro. I apply it with a beauty blender normally and blend it out along my jawline and under my cheekbones to sculpt my face. At £40 it isn’t cheap but you get a big tub of products and it does stay on your face all day, is easy to apply and blend out. Definitely a lovely treat.

Soleil Tan De Chanel

My lips always get dry and especially in winter / since having a boyfriend. Sorry but kissing really does dry your lips out, for Christmas, I brought my boyfriend a lip balm for his car! Note to self, stop kissing Lee so much 😉

Chanel is one of my favourite brands and I decided to treat myself to a beautiful Chanel lip balm to keep in my handbag. This lip balm is very moisturising and fast to sink in which is as expected for the £31 price tag.

I would say you can get just as good lip balms for £3 from Burts Bee’s but for an aesthetically pleasing and luxurious treat, the Chanel lip balm is worth it – It would make a brilliant gift too.

Chanel Rouge Coco Baume 

Last but not least is the Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua foundation. This again is a cult product amongst bloggers because of the beautiful glow from within effect that It gives your skin. This foundation is a beautiful and natural looking product with medium coverage.

I always repurchase this foundation when I go through duty-free and I will be doing the same on my way to the Caribbean in December … I can’t wait! Definitely worth every single penny.

Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua

IT Cosmetics is a brand that I’ve always wanted to try and I’ve only heard good things about. I’ve wanted to try their CC cream since Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton mentioned it in a haul.  A few months ago I had the pleasure of being introduced to Rose from Mixedgemsbeauty too when she interviewed Lily Pebbles about her new book. She has recently worked with IT cosmetics too and told me that the CC cream is worth every penny and she was correct.

I love the way this CC cream treats your skin whilst offering a full coverage for your skin every day. It has SPF in which is great and it offers colour correction. I love this CC cream and I will be repurchasing it soon because it’s already almost gone! Panic?! Need more… ASAP

Alongside the CC cream, I also treated myself to some new brushes that I thought would be perfect for travel. I loved the way that these brushes were a two in one deal and small. Perfect for fitting into a small travel makeup bag. I’m not one to pack light but hopefully, these brushes save a bit of room…

I love the foundation brush, It perfectly blends out the foundation for a natural and flawless finish. The concealer end brush is the same. It perfectly blends out my concealer whether it is under my eyes or covering a breakout.

The eyeshadow brushes are also brilliant with a blending brush too which is perfect for creating a smokey eyed evening look. The slightly thinner end is also good for applying a dark line along lash line of my eye again for creating a smokey evening look.

Oh Dior, I’ve always wanted to test out Dior but I could never justify it’s price tags. I’ve gone over to the dark side of designer makeup thanks to Boots treating me… This is very dangerous.

I used to think that I loved Chanel and only Chanel as they were the first designer brand that I purchased makeup form. I treated myself to the highlighter from their 2015 Christmas collection but I was disappointed with the pigment of the highlighter, I assumed okay maybe it’s supposed to be subtle. Nope, I don’t like subtle highlights!

I do of course still love Chanel and always will but I wouldn’t recommend their highlighters. Sorry, Chanel!

I treated myself to a highlighter from Dior after the lovely lady at the Dior counter in Boots gave me a complete makeover (Blog post HERE). I was BLOWN AWAY by the pigment of this amazing highlighter. It costs £34 but I would repurchase it and highly recommend it. The pigment is out of this world but buildable. Whether you like a subtle or out of this world glow, this luminizer offers both.


Next up from Dior, I purchased myself a pink eyeliner. I think my love of pink is going a little too far now oh dear. When I was given a makeover from Dior the lovely lady applied blue eyeliner with black just underneath it to give a subtle blue-eyed look.

I loved the blue but pink is a colour that I would get more wear out of so I decided to treat myself to the pink eyeliner in a bid to be more bold with my makeup. I love the eyeliner and wear it either on its own or with some black eyeliner to help it pop. if you want to be riskier I recommend it. It goes perfectly with the Naked Cherry pallet…


Next is the Dior forever skin foundation. This is a new foundation from Dior and one that I’ve only heard good things about. I was colour matched and tested it out and loved the high coverage look. It feels lightweight and breathable on my skin whilst covering any blemishes and scarring that I have.


Last but not least, I told you this was a long blog post… is the Miss Dior perfume. I wanted a perfume to keep in my handbag to spritz on the go and Miss Dior is a perfume that I’ve always wanted to test out. I love this mature, floral and fresh fragrance for keeping me sweet scent on the go.

Dior skin nude luminizer compact glow powder infused with highlighting pigments

DIOR Diorshow On Stage Felt-tip Liner

DIOR Diorskin Forever Undercover Foundation

Miss Dior Eau de Parfum Spray 30ml

I really hope that you all enjoyed this blog post. I loved treating myself to designer makeup that has been on my wishlist and luxurious body care treats. Thank you so much to Boots for sending over £500 worth of points.

See you all next Friday at 6pm for a new blog post.

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