Boots Botanics Review

Today’s post is vegan, cruelty-free and inspired by nature. It also smells pretty good and is the perfect product for sensitive skin. Keep reading to hear my thoughts on Boots ‘Botanics’ Hibiscus range!

Today’s blog post, is a review of Boots Botanics Hibiscus range. The Botanics range itself is inspired by plants and more specifically Kew Gardens.

It is vegan, cruelty-free and natural. Perfect for sensitive skin although this range works for all skin types. With a sweet and floral scent and pink packaging, I adore the range so so much!

The range is very affordable costing £5.49 for the face wash and the scrub. This range is normally on three for two making it even more affordable.

The hibiscus range targets dull and tired looking skin. It promises to brighten up your complexion and improve your skins overall texture and feel. It gently refreshes dull and tired looking skin to add a glow from within outcome.

The face wash (left picture) foams up when on your face and gently cleanses away any dirty and impurities. The scrub (right picture) gently exfoliates your face resurfacing and brightening up your overall complexion.

The exfoliation beads are kind on the planet as they’re natural ~ great! If I am correct they’ve broken down apricot seeds. Making them biodegradable! They gently exfoliate the skin which I love as I find most scrubbing exfoliators too harsh on my skin.

Have you guys tested out the Botanics range? What’s your favourite product from the range? I would love to know in the comments below!

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