Book Haul

Hello everybody, since being in bed for the past three weeks, I decided to order some books to keep me entertained. My throat deciding to swell up and i had to go for an emergency hospital appointment. After a dose of antibiotics and a lot fo rest I am feeling so much better!

I asked if you all wanted to see a book haul over on Instagram and everybody said yes, please! Keep reading to find out what books I purchased and my thoughts on them!

First of all, here is an introduction to my current ‘bookshelf’ set up. I don’t have very much room but this keeps me organised and minimalistic. In my bedroom, I keep only my favourite books with a few extra’s being mainly lifestyle, cooking and beauty in my office.

I have two shelves on my tv stand, the top shelf is for my favourite books only and the second currently holds my music system although I am hoping to buy myself a PS4 once I have the money!

First up in my book haul, I’m going to start with the most exciting and magical purchase that I’ve been longing to treat myself for far too long!

First up, let’s talk about these beautiful Harry Potter books. I’ve wanted to treat myself to this collection for the longest time but I told myself I didn’t need them… I caved in! The covers are so beautiful with metallic stars and stunning illustrations or the characters.

I’m so excited to read all of the Harry Potter books. I have just finished the first one and let me tell you, the books are better than the films for sure! I am loving reading the books before bed.

Next up, is some beautiful poetry that I adore. Atticus is known as the king of beautiful, deep and relatable poetry . I’ve wanted one of his books for the longest time after following his poetry on Instagram so once again I caved and treated myself.

Below, are some of my favourite pages from the book. Poetry that I can relate to and believe that everyone should draw inspiration from and can probably also relate to.

I never used to be into poetry but recently It’s something that I discovered as beautifully truthful and relatable.

You are enough, A thousand times enough

Something that everybody needs to remember

Thirdly and finally is two books based on my favourite TV series on Netflix that I’ve been meaning to read for a while. Pretty Little Liars and Reign are TV shows that I watch when I’m sad, moody, hormonal etc. They are shows that I know will cheer me up when needed.

I am yet to read these books but I have heard good things so I am very excited to do so. Has anyone else read these and are the worth the read?

I hope that you all enjoyed seeing what I am currently reading and what books I’ve been buying recently. What books are you loving right now? I would love your recommendations!

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