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Hello Darlings, recently I was lucky enough to attend The Body Shop’s ‘Dream Big’ Christmas event. It was so much fun and with 20% off products at the event, how could I resist from treating myself?

Keep reading to find out what festive treats I got?

Hello Darlings and welcome back to a new blog post. Get cosy and be prepared to be inspired into The Body Shops Christmas range.

I treated myself to some bits as well as luckily receiving some great freebies. Thanks so much to The Body Shop for the freebies. Very welcomed indeed and I shared them with my gorgeous mother of course!

First of all, I purchased the rich plum shower gel. This is a gorgeous and unique winter scent. It it a spicy, festive plum scent and lathers up great. It works well as a bubble bath gel too and leaves a room scented after use.

Secondly, such an exciting product! I personalised my very own rich plum body butter. I didn’t know this but in most Body Shop stores they have personalised stations. You can add your own image and text onto their body butter tubs, how cool is that? It would make a fab gift for Christmas…

The Body Shops body butters have such a beautiful buttery texture and they sink in so fast, leaving you free from that stick feeling! I adore them and have done for years. I will never not lust after their body butters!

Again, the scent of this is the gorgeous festive plum.

The next few items were kindly gifted to me by The Body Shop. I wasn’t asked to do this blog post or anything but I adore their products. How could I not tell you guys about them?! Treat Yo Self is my mantra in life…

First of all I am going to talk about this gorgeous Moringa scented shower gel. This smells like a luxurious island spa. It is so fresh, floral and spa like. Great explanation Lauren… but it is so hard to explain. It just smells so luxurious and tropical, that’s the best way to explain it! I adore it!

Talking of Spas… I HAD never tried anything from the Body Shops Spa range. How? I don’t know but now I have… FINALLY! This gorgeous Japanese body butter smells so luxurious and like all of The Body Shops butters, it sinks in fast and is sticky free. I adore this as a treat to my skin.

Next, a clear brow gel. You guys know by now how lazy I am when it comes to brows.. I luckily have quite thick ones so usually I just wack on a clear brow gel. I had never tried this one from The Body Shop but I really like it. It doesn’t leave my brows crispy and sets them in place all day.

Vitamin C is just what the doctor ordered. This is such a treat for your skin during these cold winter months. Sheet masks are always a bit of fun to use and this left my skin feeling so silk soft and hydrated after use.

I have actually tried the Camomile range from The Body Shop but never the eye makeup remover. I was so excited to try this out when I received it as I have very sensitive eyes and wanted to see how I got on…

My eyes did not react at all. This really is gentle and even got rid of my waterproof mascara perfectly. I really enjoyed this and I was happy with the outcome. I really do adore the Camomile range as the scent is beautiful and texture isn’t too oily, just hydrating enough without leaving a film!

I hope that you guys enjoyed seeing my haul. What’s your favourite Body Shop item? Let me know as I am always looking for recommendations.

Lauren, XO

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