Blackhead pore strip review

Today I will be reviewing T-Zone’s charcoal and bamboo nose pore strips. These are affordable blackhead removal strips available from Superdrug. Keep reading to find out how I got on with them!

Today I will be reviewing some affordable nose pore strips available from Superdrug. These are the charcoal and bamboo nose pore strips from the brand T-Zone.

They cost only £4.99, you get five strips and they claim to unclog pores and draw out impurities. My nose has some serious blackhead issues so I couldn’t wait to use this pore strip and hopefully remove them!

It’s so satisfying peeling these nose pore strips off and seeing all the impurities and blackheads on the strip. Maybe a bit gross too…

So the instructions say to wet your nose, peel the black pore strip off the plastic and apply to your nose. You then leave it on for 15 minutes.

I set my timer and wrote some blog posts while I waited! I also applied a clay mask from Lòreal. Ultimate Friday pamper! Woohoo.

Eventually, my timer went off and I got to do the painful but also satisfying part of removing my nose pore strip. Ouch but yay!

Look away now but It was so satisfying to see all of the impurities on the strip, knowing that it worked well! I was really impressed with this mask. My nose was left feeling soft and detoxed.

You can buy this strip from Superdrug for only £4.99. I would highly recommend checking it out! It’s worth every penny in my opinions! Click HERE to purchase one for yourself! 🙂

Has anyone else tried these? What did you think?

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